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Thumbnail Manual for Proton24
Here is the manual for Version of Proton24
John Drew 1,522 0 1 3rd May 2016, 03:21 3rd May 2016, 03:21
Thumbnail Proton24 DTMF decoder using DSP routines
The example program decodes DTMF signals and transmits the key presses to the serial terminal.

It uses an FIR filter to pre-process the signal and FFT for the actual decode.

It has been tested on th...
Les 196 0 1 12th May 2014, 16:18 11th February 2016, 09:14
Thumbnail Proton24 FIR Filter Library and Examples
A set of procedures for performing FIR filtering using a dsPIC33F device.

The library also contains a set of procedures for controlling the 16-bit DAC peripheral found on some of the dsPIC33 devices....
Les 346 0 2 10th May 2014, 16:59 10th May 2014, 16:59
Thumbnail Proton24 Hardware PWM library for PIC24F and PIC24H devices
Proton24 Hardware PWM library for PIC24F and PIC24H devices.
Les 281 0 2 27th February 2014, 14:15 27th February 2014, 14:15
Thumbnail Proton24 DOGM Alphanumeric LCD library
This is a Proton24 library for use with the DOGM alphanumeric LCD plus shield for the FireWing board.
Les 224 0 2 27th February 2014, 14:14 27th February 2014, 14:14
Thumbnail Proton24 - USART1 Buffered input library
This is a library that replaces the Proton24 compiler's Hrsin commands with an interrupt driven buffering mechanism.
Les 321 0 2 27th February 2014, 14:13 27th February 2014, 14:13
Thumbnail Proton24 RTCC peripheral library
Proton24 built-in RTCC peripheral library.

Allows writing, reading and formatting of time and date using the microcontroller's internal RTCC (Real Time Clock Calendar)
Les 216 0 2 27th February 2014, 14:09 27th February 2014, 14:09
Thumbnail Proton24 DS1390 RTCC library
Proton24 library of procedures to interface to a Maxim DS1390 RTCC (Real Time Clock Calendar)

Allows writing, reading and formatting of time and date using an SPI interface.
Les 153 0 3 27th February 2014, 13:33 27th February 2014, 13:33

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