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Thumbnail Corrected PPI file for device; PIC16F1779
This PPI file corrects an anomaly with RAM addresses for device PIC16F1779.

Unzip, and place the new P16F1779.ppi file within the compiler's "PDS\Includes\PPI" directory, overwriting the existing fil...
Les 15 0 1 5th February 2018, 20:40 5th February 2018, 20:40
Thumbnail Proton Macro Generator Source Code
For Delphi Developers out there, at Les's request, here is the entire source for the Proton Macro Generator.

I have checked it on Delphi XE Starter edition and it compiles and runs.
It does need the ...
johngb 29 0 1 1st February 2018, 13:58 1st February 2018, 13:58
Thumbnail AMG88 8x8 Infrared Array Sensor Grid-EYE Interface Circuit
Here is the circuit for the forum thread about an AMG88 8x8 Infrared Array Sensor Grid-EYE Interface.
Les 37 0 1 5th January 2018, 16:20 5th January 2018, 16:20
Thumbnail Universal PIC18 Bootloader for PDS
A new version 5.0 of the PDS Bootloader. It is more easy to use.
30/12/2017 I updated the manual Part1 and included manual Part2.
The CoolTerm Terminal could be downloadd from the http://coolterm.find...
AlbertoFS 224 0 9 23rd December 2017, 13:14 30th December 2017, 10:35
Thumbnail GraphicSSD1306_v1.10 with hardware I2C and SPI support
GraphicSSD1306_v1.10 supports OLED displays with the SSD1306 controller with I2C (via MSSP1) and SPI (via MSSP1 and MSSP2).
For the SPI protocol I use AlfredoFS his libraries.
Dompie 39 0 1 15th December 2017, 18:06 15th December 2017, 18:06
Thumbnail Replacement Eread and EWrite library routines for a PIC16F18877 device
The include file "" contains replacement Eread and Ewrite library routines written in BASIC for a PIC16F18877 device.

The zip also has a small demo program to test the routines.

Add ...
Les 63 0 1 4th November 2017, 16:45 4th November 2017, 16:45
Thumbnail WS2812B RGB LED controller library
Here's a library for interfacing with the WS2812B RGB LED controllers.

It can control as many controllers as the RAM on the PIC micro device allows, as each WS2812B has its own RAM allocated within a...
Les 86 0 1 1st November 2017, 09:49 1st November 2017, 09:52
Thumbnail Build with UserID Setup
I have made the following changes/additions.

New format for the 16 series extended architecture:

__idlocs 0x1234

Added new option to increment entire version number not just the build. ...
johngb 45 0 1 30th October 2017, 17:55 4th November 2017, 16:40
Thumbnail UltraEdit from the 1990s.
Here's the version I use of UltraEdit, and it is from the 1990s, but still does its job excellently. I've used it now for 20 years and no other IDE comes even close to being as good. The new versions ...
Les 70 0 1 29th October 2017, 09:47 29th October 2017, 09:47
Thumbnail Graphic-SSD1306 OLED library v1.0
This version of the SSD1306 OLED driver library has two extensions.
In the SSD1306_Init() the graphic memory is cleared before the panel is switched on. A new command is added SSD1306_FlipDisplay().
Dompie 63 0 1 18th October 2017, 15:11 18th October 2017, 15:11
Thumbnail Graphic-SH1106 OLED library
A library for the SH1106 OLED driver for use with the Graphic library.
Voor detail information see the enclosed _Command Overview.txt
Dompie 14 0 1 18th October 2017, 15:05 18th October 2017, 15:05
Thumbnail Graphic-SSD1306 OLED a new version
An new version of the SSD1306 OLED library with support for the Proton_FontConverter and other changes.
Dompie 74 0 1 7th October 2017, 18:58 7th October 2017, 18:58
Thumbnail Demo code for the ZX4120 GPS
Demo code for the ZX4120 GPS with new library.
Updated 25/08/2017 version 1.4
The article will be available in the WIKI (
AlbertoFS 41 0 1 15th August 2017, 20:28 25th August 2017, 18:39
Thumbnail P-RTOS24 Real Time Operating System for 16 bit MPUs
Update: Expanded Help File, extended Demo and Added Version command.
johngb 70 0 1 13th August 2017, 17:44 26th September 2017, 10:36
Thumbnail Intel Hex to Ascii
Simple tool that will show you readable bytes in an Intel Hex file.
hadv215 55 0 1 23rd June 2017, 23:49 23rd June 2017, 23:49
Thumbnail ZX4120 - GPS Receiver Datasheet
Datasheet for the ZX4120 GPS receiver module
Les 23 0 1 12th June 2017, 17:20 12th June 2017, 17:20
Thumbnail pickit3 programmer application v3.1
I'm using this because of its ease of use (comparable to PK2)
hadv215 248 0 1 5th June 2017, 10:21 5th June 2017, 10:22
Thumbnail sd file system
Here's what I could find
hadv215 67 0 1 3rd June 2017, 11:55 3rd June 2017, 11:55
Thumbnail Updated version of PPS Wizard
This version will also support P33 devices
johngb 128 0 1 19th May 2017, 14:45 19th May 2017, 18:46
Thumbnail Simple GSM terminal program for testing SIM800L (and others i think...)
This is a simple terminal software written in for testing and setting up SIM800L GSM boards.
With this program you can read,write and delete phone book entries ; dial numbers and hang up after ...
RSteve 158 0 1 9th April 2017, 19:31 9th April 2017, 19:31

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