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Thumbnail I2C libraries for MSSP1 and MSSP2
Some devices have 2 MSSP peripherals, allowing 2 separate I2C interfaces. The compiler only supports MSSP1 with the Hbus commands, so I have created 2 libraries for implementing I2C on both MSSP1 and ...
Les 104 0 1 30th June 2017, 19:12 30th June 2017, 20:11
Thumbnail 16-bit HPWM library for devices PIC12F1571 and PIC12F1572
This library has several routines for manipulating the Phase, Period and Duty of each (upto) 16-bit HPWM peripheral on a 12F1571 or 12F1572 device.

Alters the duty of an HPWM perip...
Les 108 0 1 1st June 2017, 18:39 4th June 2017, 14:00
Thumbnail Proton Serial LCD

LCD displays are an invaluable aid to programming, as well as offering a visual interface to the outside world of humans. However, they do tend to use up precious pins on the PICmicro, w...
Lester 477 0 2 29th November 2016, 16:19 29th November 2016, 16:19
Thumbnail GPS Shield for Proton
Source code for the Amicus18 GPS shield to be used with the Proton compiler
Les 134 0 1 15th January 2016, 08:50 11th February 2016, 09:03
Thumbnail Proton Ultrasonic Experiments
Here is a PDF about building an ultrasonic distance measuring circuit and also how to use commercial ultrasonic boards
Les 338 0 2 15th January 2016, 08:48 15th January 2016, 08:48
Thumbnail PIC18F Busin/Busout BASIC Code Replacement
For those of you who are at a more advanced programming stage, presented here is an include file that will replace the compiler's Busin, Busout, BStart, BReStart, BStop, BusAck and BusNak, software I2...
Les 258 0 3 1st January 2016, 16:31 1st January 2016, 16:31
Thumbnail Proton Maze Creator and Solver
Here's a program I created many, many years ago that creates then solves a maze. I created the program for a game I was developing at the time, which sadly never got finished.

It may be of use to so...
Les 62 0 1 31st December 2015, 17:50 11th February 2016, 17:18
Thumbnail Using the Arduino ILI9325 Colour Graphic LCD Shield with Proton
I recently needed a colour graphic LCD for a project. There is a very inexpensive 240 pixel by 320 pixel colour graphic LCD shield available on the internet that seemed as though it might do the job, ...
Les 671 0 4 28th December 2015, 09:12 28th December 2015, 09:12
Thumbnail True Random Number generator
The file contains several routines that will give a true random number based upon an empty ADC channel picking up background noise from the environment that acts as a truly random seed...
Les 146 0 2 27th November 2015, 09:21 27th November 2015, 09:21
Thumbnail Inexpensive Arduino Alphanumeric LCD Shield Usage
The Alphanumeric LCDs available from Ebay are incredibly inexpensive and are usually less money than buying the LCD module itself. They are designed for an Arduino board, which has the same pinout dim...
Les 230 0 3 26th November 2015, 19:11 26th November 2015, 19:11
Thumbnail Bitbashed SPI Master macros for Modes 0, 1, 2 and 3
The SSPI_Modes.Inc file contains 4 macros that will write and auto read from an SPI interface in modes 0, 1, 2 and 3.

The routines are for 8-bit devices.
Les 130 0 2 1st November 2015, 13:01 1st November 2015, 13:01
Thumbnail SPI Master and Slave demo programs
The two demo programs illustrate one method of creating a master and a slave SPI interface on an 18F device.

The slave device is capable of reading and writing to a small block of RAM depending on th...
Les 442 0 2 6th March 2014, 13:15 6th March 2014, 13:15
Thumbnail Bit-Bashed I2C routines written in Proton BASIC
Bit-Bashed I2C routines written in Proton BASIC

For use with 8-bit and 16-bit devices.

Place the file in the user's Includes folder for use by all programs.

Default location for a ...
Les 336 0 2 5th March 2014, 11:04 5th March 2014, 11:04
Thumbnail Pulse_Count_Total_Store_RxTx
Written for a PIC18F25K20 device, the program counts pulses, adds them to a total amount of pulses and stores this value within internal eeprom and displays the total amount of pulses on an alphanumer...
Les 234 0 2 28th February 2014, 21:13 28th February 2014, 21:13
Thumbnail Reversed bit Print replacements
There are two include files that replace the compiler's Print routines with reversed bit routines. Suitable for some Arduino shields operating on an Amicus18 board.

For a 4-bit interface to the LCD, ...
Les 245 0 2 27th February 2014, 14:16 27th February 2014, 14:16

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