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Thumbnail Amicus 18 GPS Sheild Source
GPS shield
The Amicus GPS shield contains a 16 channel ZX4120 GPS receiver, as well as a 16k byte (128 kbit) serial (I<sup>2</sup>C) eeprom, and a 3 Volt, 12mm battery socket in order to maint...
Lester 74 0 1 9th February 2016, 01:47 9th February 2016, 01:47
Thumbnail LOL Shield Interface on the Amicus18
Even now, after years of working within this industry, LEDs have a fascination to me. And an LED matrix is something that I can't wait to try out. A LOL Shield (Lots Of LEDs Shield) for an Arduino boa...
top204 107 0 1 22nd January 2016, 19:59 11th February 2016, 09:08
Thumbnail Amicus18 Bootloader Source Code for PC and Microcontroller
The code here is the Amicus18's bootloader source code for the PIC18F25K20 microcontroller and the PC software.

The PC bootloader code is written in Delphi 6.

The Amicus18 can be programmed by a reg...
top204 419 0 2 16th January 2016, 20:00 16th January 2016, 20:00
Thumbnail Amicus18 Hardware Manuals
Attached here are the hardware manuals for the Amicus18 board and it's companion shield.

The Companion shield manual has some simple, but interesting program samples contained within it, as well as h...
top204 384 0 3 10th January 2016, 10:09 10th January 2016, 10:09
Thumbnail DS1307 RTC Interface
The routines allow a DS1307 Real Time Clock to be interfaced easily on an Amicsu18 board, or any 18F, enhanced 14-bit core, dsPIC, or PIC24 device.
top204 256 0 2 8th January 2016, 22:20 11th February 2016, 09:20
Thumbnail Sure 2416 LED dot matrix display board
Browsing the internet, I came across a rather nice looking LED dot matrix board, and the price was incredibly low. The board in question is the Sure 2416, and is available from Ebay. I couldn't resist...
top204 842 0 9 9th December 2015, 16:15 10th July 2017, 14:28
Thumbnail Game of Life on a Sure 2416 LED matrix display
I've been meaning to write a "Game of Life" simulation for many years, but I could never find the right motivation. That is, until I discovered the Sure 2416 LED dot matrix board.

I discussed interfa...
top204 165 0 3 9th December 2015, 14:56 10th July 2017, 14:44
Thumbnail MMA7260 Accelerometer Interface
Accelerometers are fascinating devices, combining tiny moving mechanical parts with electronics to produce truly amazing results. They are part of the semiconductor family named MEMS (Microelectromech...
top204 336 0 5 6th December 2015, 16:35 6th December 2015, 16:35
Thumbnail Using the Amicus18 ILI9320 Colour Graphic LCD Shield with Proton
Graphic LCDs are excellent items for presenting informaton, and standard monochrome types serve their purpose well, however adding colour to a project can lift its appeal, and allows a new dimension t...
top204 1,164 0 9 6th December 2015, 14:53 6th December 2015, 14:53
Thumbnail Interfacing to a 23K256 - 32 kbyte SRAM
RAM and I/O lines are two of the items that are usually in short supply on a microcontroller, therefore with this handy little SRAM device we can address both these issues, as it will give us an ext...
top204 423 0 6 4th December 2015, 18:00 4th December 2015, 18:00
Thumbnail Using a KS0713 graphic LCD with an 18F device or the Amicus18 board
The Samsung KS0713 graphic LCD chipset is becoming very popular, and in many cases is overtaking the Samsung KS0108 chipset as the LCD of choice. Itís main merit is the fact that it operates from...
top204 392 0 3 4th December 2015, 15:57 4th December 2015, 15:57
Thumbnail Proton Hbusin/Hbusout BASIC code Replacement for Amicus18 or 18F devices
For those of you who are at a more advanced programming stage, presented here is an include file that will replace the compiler's HBusin, HBusout, HBStart, HBReStart, HBStop, HBusAck and HBusNak, ha...
top204 495 0 5 4th December 2015, 15:25 4th December 2015, 15:25
Thumbnail DTMF Tone generator using DDS
DTMF tone generating routines for Proton, using the Amicus18 platform for the example.

The code produces very accurate and quite pure sine waves from a single PWM pin.
top204 354 0 2 11th May 2014, 22:28 11th May 2014, 22:28
Thumbnail String Array macros
A set of macros that perform the same task as a string array.

For 18F devices only using the Proton compiler version onwards.
top204 151 0 1 30th April 2014, 11:49 30th April 2014, 11:49

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