Users have reported that if RememberMe is not checked at login, they are constantly logged out

Your login status relies on cookies stored by the browser on your device.
Logins will not be shared across devices or browsers.
Logging out on one device will not log you out of others.

You will likely be logged out if -
  1. You block our cookies from the server.
  2. Our Cookies are deleted from the device.
  3. The cookieies we deliver are tempered with.
  4. You have not selected "Remember Me" on the front-end because we are running behind a proxy (i.e. Cloudflare) and the reported IP Address changes.
  5. If you are inactive longer than the Cookie Timeout value and you have not clicked "Remember Me". This is 3600 seconds on our system.
  6. You block JavaScript for any reason.
Item 4 is the likely cause of logout issues if you have recently noticed it happening and you did not expierience it before. We moved to the cloudflare service in November 2019

Select "Remember Me" at login and the issue will cease.

What Is Cloudflare and Why we are using It?

Cloudflare is a free CDN type product that protects against threats such as SQL injection and identity theft.
Cloudflare also improves site performance and speeds up loading times by using their multiple data centers that are located around the world.

The Cloudflare network acts like a giant VPN. This means that a site visitor will access our website by being physically redirected to the closest server. What this means is simple: the closer the data center, the faster our website will load for you. This is unique to Cloudflare.

Another benefit is the reduction of bot crawls, which can be both helpful and harmful depending on their source. A bot crawl is typically used to go to websites and “crawl” for information on our web pages. While these can be helpful when catching content thieves using our website design without permission, they can also generate false ad impressions, inject spam and malware through file backdoors, stealing website content and information.

A good way to think about Cloudflare is to think of it as a web proxy.
Because a cache of our website is available to you, Cloudflare is able to block suspicious content and keep you safe from malicious viruses, spambots and harmful traffic flow.

Here’s how it works:

In the early days of the Internet, when you wanted to load a website, your request would go from your computer to a server, which would then return the web page you requested.

If too many requests came in at once, that server could be overwhelmed and crash, becoming unresponsive to anyone trying to access the resources it hosted.

This made it difficult for owners of Internet properties to provide content that was fast, safe, and reliable. Cloudflare was created to ease these difficulties and empower users with the resources to make their sites, apps, and blogs safe and performant. This is done through the use of a powerful edge network that provides content and other services as close to you as possible, so you get the information as fast as possible.

You see, Einstein figured out some time ago that the speed of light is a hard upper limit on how fast you can communicate; there comes a point when the only thing you can do is move the content and computation closer! That’s why Cloudflare put 194 data centers all across the world: to give you what you’re looking for quickly!

Cloudflare also provides security by protecting Internet properties from malicious activity like DDoS attacks, malicious bots, and other nefarious intrusions.

Cloudflare provide security and performance for over 20 million Internet properties and offer great functionality such as SSL and content distribution to every website on our network.

Their services run silently in the background, keeping many of the websites and services you depend on up and running.

Your Internet provider, and anyone else listening in on the Internet, can see every site you visit and every app you use — even if their content is encrypted. Cloudflare offers a free DNS service called that you can use on any device. Cloudflare’s protects your data from being analysed or used for targeting you with ads.

Maybe you missed this bit ----> Cloudflare offers a free DNS service called that you can use on any device <----

Yes, you should consider moving your DNS to