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10 kVolt / 10 mAmp / 100 W High Voltage DC Power Supply

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I have a good working (Used) Fluke 410B High Voltage DC Power Supply

This is an extremely stable source which has an output voltage of 0 to 10,000 Volts DC and an output current of 0 to 10 mA.

Voltage is set with four decade switches and a vernier potentiometer.

Output polarity is switchable from the front panel.

Output stability is 0.005% per hour; 0.02% per day after warm-up.

The 410B output ripple at full load is < 1 mV RMS and has an adjustable over-current protection.

I'm NOT offering shipping due to the size and cost, so this is collection only. Or arrange your own carrier collection.

A VERY Popular PSU - EMC testing etc