Level shifting for ADC inputs.

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    Default Level shifting for ADC inputs.

    This post is for information only and may be of some help to some forum members.

    I have found it is is normally best to use the highest ADC input voltage allowable for any particular device.
    Often a SOT-23 opamp and 4 resistors are the components required. 0.05% tolerance resistors make differential inputs practical, changing the phase of the inputs is as simple as switching the way the inputs are connected as one would swap the probe positions when using a multimeter.
    The first simulation shows a low z mythical device that puts out 100mv and is 3 volts above ground the ADC input zero is at +1V and its span is at +2V.
    The second simulation shows a device that puts out 100mv and is 12 volts negative with respect to ground, the ADC input requirement is zero to +3V. Simulations run in LTspice.

    diff input a.jpg

    .level shift a2.zip
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