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    Default Compile to HEX from Assembler plugin - HELP

    I'm using of the compiler. I compiled a working .BAS program. I generated the .ASM file using Assember(ver, made some modifications to the ASM that I'd like to test, and saved it under a new name.

    How do I convert(compile) the .ASM into a .HEX file? I tried F9 and got a window listing the link to MPASMWIN.EXE in the ProtonIDE folder, with just an OK button. No other explaination. I finally copied MPASMWIN.exe into that folder and I stopped getting that window.

    Thereafter, I'd click F9 (Assemble only) and on the bottom line, it'd as "assembling". Then - nothing.

    I finally figured that, well, of course, the default folder for the Assembler plugin is inside Program Files(x86) and windows was probably preventing the file from being "saved"

    So, I changed the default folder, and finally got some kind of action - a bunch of errors. ERROR 122's "illegal opcode", and ERROR 108 "illegal character (0)", a bunch of ERROR 176 "CONFIG DIRECTIVE Error" . etc

    I therefore assumed that the F10 function (compile and program) is NOT a method to modify the .ASM produced by a .BAS file, but a convenience for writing a stand alone ASM program, and programming that.

    Ok, I know its crazy to do this, but is there some way to modify the .ASM created by the Proton Compiler, or use the Compiler itself with command line settings to convert the ASM into .HEX, even as I understand, one slight error will cause the resulting .HEX file to be worthless.

    I just want to try it, so, if anyone is willing to help my shoot my foot off, please chime in. Cheers!
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