If Dave is able to produce link files automatically and download them, it would be possible to read them in Proton Studio, without requiring Adobe. If PDF Now ver 2 can be run from the command line it could be run from Proton Studio as a tool. Sounds good to me.

So far I have written an app which uses the existing link files, produces a list of all PICs supported by the compiler and displays them in a tree like an explorer. Top level of tree is family, then Devices then Device associated documents. Eventually this will be added as another explorer in Proton Studio.

Clicking on a Device will display the datasheet in Proton Studio if it has been downloaded. I could take it further and attempt to download it but if PDF Now can do all that I wont reinvent the wheel.

@DaveS - If you are interested I could produce a PDF display app to add in to PDF Now which doesn't require Adobe. (I cannot give you the library I am using as it is a commercial item)