Hello 'viewers',

(On the matter of Compiler economics for Les, I'd certainly be open to an annual fee if it ensures the compiler development is viable and sufficiently rewarding to have Les' attention.
Meantime the donation link is a good way for us to show Les that we are genuine in such statements.)

I'm hoping to use a chip not currently supported by P24 - PIC24FJ128GA202.
Nice thing about this device is at is offers 4no USART in a 28pin package so ideal when you don't need a lot of I/O aside from the serial ports.

Naturally I need .PPI an .DEF files for the part, and so first off am checking if anyone managed to create them?....and willing to share;
Or, if anyone can please offer advice on the best systematic way to produce such files reliably, or modify from a very similar supported device?

(Maybe someone with experience in this would be willing to do an article so the community can expand the devices supported to everyone's benefit.)

Thanks all & here's hoping.