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    I'm happy to donate and have adds


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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Lester View Post
    Thanks to all those that have posted a comment - even though it is pretty much the usual crowd.
    The "usual crowd" would pay to have ads removed. though the level of income raised would not cover the cost of setting up and maintaining a dual tier system.
    I think this is the crux of the issue, you may have many registered forum users/unregistered visitors but it is only the "usual crowd" that...
    a) use it often enough to want to keep it going and
    b) along with Les are also the primary source of solutions, whereas the occasional user/unregistered visitors only use the forum when they need a solution/quick fix but otherwise does not contribute.
    c) log in frequently enough to even know that conversations about the ongoing viability of keeping both the forum and the compiler running/up to date is happening and contribute to them.

    While those who only visit when they need help would no doubt miss the forum if it went I am doubtful that they use it enough to want to contribute to its upkeep. Consequently, I am not sure your target figure to remove AD’s suggestion will work, as the usual crowd are again likely to be the sole contributors financial & solution contributors is it reaching such a target any more viable?

    I think there may be a large number of hobbyists (for want a of a better term) using the free version of the compiler for various projects who see no need to move on to purchasing the full version. Obviously you want to encourage people to try the compiler in the hope of generating sales but perhaps some income could be derived from such hobbyist by implementing a two tier download system.

    Download page 1, available to everyone has two options…
    A) Free download: Either the current version at the time of implementation or perhaps an older version (say first with P24 support) with fewer free devices, say just a couple of 12 bit, 14 bit, enhanced 14 bit and no 16bit – just a taster to get people interested.
    B) Pay download: Same version as above but with the full range of current free devices – for those who want to delve a little deeper with a view to purchasing the full version/hobbyist who want to do more than is possible with the free version. Payment would be small, considering what can be achieved with that version, say 5, 10 or 20 pounds so as not to deter people paying which would then generate a little income towards the continued support of both the forum and compiler from those who can achieve what they want with just that version, however those that go on to purchase the full version could get an equivalent discount so effectively their money back.

    Download Page 2, available only to registered users who can/have proved their purchase of the full version from where the current version can be downloaded.

    Option 2 could possibly be supplemented but say a £20 year long subscription, users get access to the updates for a year but do not have to subscribe every year (unless they want to), only years when they want to update and AD revenue could still be an option as necessary where all AD revenue could go to towards the cost of running the forum while subscription and download revenues are split between supporting the compiler and forum.
    Not sure if this two tier system is any easier/cheaper to implement than the other but I just thought I would put it out there for consideration.

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