Prescaler divider other than 1:1 causes the PWM module in PIC10F322 to stop working.

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    Default Prescaler divider other than 1:1 causes the PWM module in PIC10F322 to stop working.

    For several days I was struggling with the code below and I'm honestly fed up with it - do you see something that I do not see? 2.5V power supply from batteries, fully functional batteries, PIC has been replaced with a new one and still nothing.

    In the program I read the ADC value from the potentiometer slider (ADC_Raw), which I then give as PWM value (Duty).

    For the values given in the code, everything works well, a beautiful PWM is generated with f = 15.6kHz. However, I need PWM with a lower frequency and I wanted to use a TMR2 module prescaler, but any other setting than 1:1 as in the working code below (T2CON = 0x4) causes that the system stops! It does not work, does not generate PWM. I really do not have a concept anymore. What's worse, I can not change the hardware because I'm already soldering on the fabricated PCBs. Do you have any ideas what could be wrong?

    Device = 10F322
    Declare Xtal 4
    OSCCON = 0x50                                                                                                      
    Declare All_Digital On                                                                        
    TRISA = 0x4
    PORTA = 0x0
    Dim Duty As Word
    Dim ADC_Raw As Byte
        GoSub AD_Conv
        GoSub PWM_1 
    GoTo Main
        ANSELA = 0x4                                                                    
        ADCON = 0x28                                                                     
        ADCONbits_ADON = 1                                                                   
        ADCONbits_GO_DONE = 1                                                              
            While ADCONbits_GO_DONE = 1                                                    
        ADC_Raw = ADRES                                                                 
        ADCONbits_ADON = 0                                                                   
        ANSELA = 0x0                                                                  
        Duty = ADC_Raw
        PWM1DCL.6 = Duty.0
        PWM1DCL.7 = Duty.1
        PWM1DCH = Duty >> 2
        PR2 = 0x3F
        TMR2 = 0x0
        T2CON = 0x4
        PWM1CON = 0xC0
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