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    Default A app to include metadata in object code

    Don't you just love some words, there's something about metadata. What's the name for data about metadata, metametadata?

    One useful side effect of this app is that you can can use either PicKit2 and PicKit3 without changing Proton IDE settings.

    From the readme -

    Following on from John Barrets excellent work with using IDLOC to tag programmed PIC with useful information. Unfortunately John was rather let down by MicroChip's sketchy implementation of IDLOC across it's range of devices, the number of LOCs, their size and their existence varying.

    Let me say up front that I appreciate that the following is probably applicable to nobody except me but I've written it now so what the heck.

    Being a very disorganized person with a poor memory (a bad combo) I wanted a way to tag any device that I might use (18F and 16F) with date, time, compiler version and application version.

    Rather than create a plug-in, I wanted something that would work without my needing to remember select it.

    The programme HexTag is executed in the normal way from the Proton IDE program buttons, modifies the HEX and runs the programmer specified in it’s INI file (which you may of course amend for other programmers).

    * add HexTag as a custom programmer with this command line - $target-device$ $long-hex-filename$ (only once)
    * add your programmer details to HexTag.ini (already setup for PicKit2 and PicKit3). (only once)
    * Copy HexTag.exe and HexTag.ini to the location of your programmer the same as ProgPath in th ini file. (only once)
    * you may need to add the start address of CONFIG bytes (bytes 18F and words 16F) for a new device. (only once)
    * add the following to the end of your source

    Org (_code -16)
    CData 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, (VersionHigh << 4)|(VersionLow), 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, $55, $CC

    To retrieve the tagged info, use your programmer to read the device then look at the end of the dump eg. a 18F24K50 has this byte string 1201 1816 2736 0312 - 12/01/18 16:27 1.2 An easier way is to use your programmer to create a hex file

    This information is also displayed in plain text in my application, SnapShot, for which it was principally written.

    Due to devices that are not programmable by PicKit2, it is necessary to allow programmer selection to switch between PicKit2 and PicKit3. If PicKit2 is detected it is used, if not found then if PicKit3 is detected ,it is used. Parameters for PicKit3 are the second block of ini parameters in HexTag.ini

    Possible additional use for the concept is automatically generated serial numbers.
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