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Thread: differance and usage216 days old

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    Default differance and usage


    What is the differance and usage for :

    DIM myVar as BYTE ;// WORD, DWORD, FLOAT etc..


    DIM myVar as BYTE SYSTEM ;// WORD, DWORD, FLOAT etc...

    When we must use SYSTEM definitions?

    Best Regards,


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    Default Re: differance and usage

    Hello Selcuk
    Alberto uses these and you will find some of his examples in the WIKI -see his boot loader project.
    As I understand it the system variable space is used by the compiler and defining a variable in that space avoids bank swiitching and so is faster. Normally we wouldn't put our variables there. If Alberto or Les don't reply look at the description in Albertos examples.

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    Default Re: differance and usage

    I use the system variables only for the libraries which allows faster access to them.
    See these threads.
    http://www.protonbasic.co.uk/showthr...stem-Variables post 5
    [U]73's de Alberto ea3agv[/U]

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