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Thread: serial comms interrupts and timers342 days old

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    Default serial comms interrupts and timers

    Does anyone know which if any timers are used on an 18F device (18F1320 actually) when using rsin or hrsin? I need to use two of its four timers both of which need to generate interrupts but I also need to use one form of serial input - hardware or software doesn't matter, and receive only. My interrupt routine works fine until I include comms in the main loop. The manual is not very clear on what internal resources such functions as comms uses.

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    Default Re: serial comms interrupts and timers

    Some basics

    Do do not use any commands that take time in an interrupt routine. eg delayxx, rsin, rsout, busout etc

    When you have interrupts you basically should not use any software based coms or time dependant critical commands.

    Hrsin is ideal for an interrupt driven coms system. If you do not want interrupt driven coms then use hrsin as its should cope with interrupts as long as they do not take long to service.

    IMHO use interrupts for timers, coms etc then do basic stuff in the main routine. In essence just waiting for the interrupt routine to say to do something.

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    Default Re: serial comms interrupts and timers

    Just to expand on Tim's post, good practice is to set/clear flags in the ISR and service those flags in the main loop.

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    Default Re: serial comms interrupts and timers

    To find out which resources are used look at the .lst file.

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