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Thread: latest update on proton.342 days old

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    Default latest update on proton.

    Can anyone tell me where we are with the update.
    The last update I had was four years ago and some of my programs wouldn't run on it so I moved back to an older one , which seems to work fine but the simulater doesn't work now . I'm along way back 3.506
    is the one I went back to ,it works well but I'm sure there's been great improvements I keep four laptops with different versions,some of which are old and Dodgy only one is Windows seven the rest are XP mwith parallel port programming
    Cheers anyone.
    Andy Roberts

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    Default Re: latest update on proton.

    Andy the latest version is
    Go to the Files tab above, then to PDS support files then download the installer for This is the full install. Then later download the patch following the instructions for that.
    Welcome back.


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    Default Re: latest update on proton.

    @Andy, conversion of older programs to current compiler is normally quite simple - unless you've been a bad boy and used some undocumented feature. The basic syntax is hardly changed at all. Most lickley things are variables/labels which have subsequently become reserved words ("Loop" being a common example) and compiler directives that need to have "Define" prepended.

    If you post problematic code, provided it's not to massive, I'm sure between us we can get it going.

    which seems to work fine but the simulater doesn't work now
    I suspect that Proteus problems have nothing to do with the version of the compiler used. (that may be untrue where new command have been added since Labcenter wrote the loader?)

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