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    Default Decimal Digit extract

    Edit: Just read the description again. It does work from right to left but the example is wrong.
    I followed the example. No help needed now but les might need to change the example.

    Here's my original confused post

    I must be doing something wrong but this few lines gives the reverse of the example in the manual.
    Manual P94

    MyWord = 9742
    Print MyWord ? 2 ' Display digit 2 (7)
    For Loop = 0 to 4
    Print MyWord ? Loop ' Display digits 0 through 4 of 9742.

    At least it should be 0-3 not 0-4.

    my code is:

    Password = ERead PasswordAddr where password is 973
    Password1 = password ? 0
    Password2 = password ? 1
    Password3 = password ? 2
    Print At 1,1,Dec password," ",Dec password1," ",Dec password2," ",Dec password3

    The result is 973 3 7 9
    The password is correctly read into the word variable Password and printed correctly, but the byte variables password1 etc are the wrong way around.

    To make it work I would have to do this:
    Password1 = password ? 2
    Password2 = password ? 1
    Password3 = password ? 0

    It's got to be something simple but I can't think of it.
    18F2480 at 32MHz
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