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    Default UMC Loader file info for 18f4331

    I am trying to build a reliable the bootloader for a 18f4331, the one I have the hex for will only work once before having a write problem.
    So I am trying to populate the device file with the right information for the 18F4331, the instructions say get the information from the device datasheet but as a beginner despite a lot of searching I cannot work out where to find the values with the question marks below.
    Can anyone help?
    #ifdef __18F4331
    #define DEVICE_ID 0x8a0
    #define DEVICE_ROM 0x?
    #define DEVICE_BLOCK_ERASE ?
    #define DEVICE_BLOCK_WRITE ?
    #define DEVICE_EEPROM 256

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    Default Re: UMC Loader file info for 18f4331

    Have a look at this great piece of work.


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