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    PicKiit2 clones are very cheap, and lots of people swear by them. I have a real one, got it on ebay.

    If you don't do "in circuit programming" (personally I can't understand why wouldn't, except volume maybe) you can buy (ebay again) a board with you plug your PicKit2 into. The board has several ZIF for different Pics.

    Re. Enhanced 16F's - AFAIK a PicKit2 is capable of programming these devices but a suitable config file (PK2DeviceFile.dat) is not available.

    Quite often you will find that although a device is not supported by PicKit2/Microchip, replacement config files are available to support these devices eg PIC16F527, PIC16(L)F145x, PIC12F501, PIC16(L)F1508/1509, 18F26K80-66K80. See Microchip forum for more.

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