Profile Pages - Privacy

Only Registered Users are allowed to view your profile. However, now you have some control over what users may see on your profile. Go to your User CP > Profile Privacy and you may set your profile up to only be viewable by who you want to view it.

You may also decide whether you wish to allow users to leave Visitor Messages or whether you would like to limit them to only your Friends & Contacts.

Profile Pages - Customization

You also have the ability to customize your profile page. Click on 'My Profile' in the upper right of the forum page , near the log in dialogue, to go to your Profile Page. Then, you will see a link to Customize your Profile

you may pick different colors and fonts. Click on Preview to see the colors together and then Save to save them

You may also get to this page by going to your User CP and clicking on the Customize Profile link on the left side.