A great way to exhibit your digital pictures - show others what your projects look like, or just show some pitures of your working environment or other hobbies.

Albums - for sharing pictures, Another under utilised forum feature !

You may get to this feature by either the top navbar - Community > Pictures & Albums - or going to your member page and clicking Add Album (or Show All Albums if you already have one) under the right-hand Albums box. On that page you may click on Add Album and Create an Album.

Once you create the album, you may upload your pictures (this page also lists your picture limits, which are set by the system Admin. Ask for more space if you need it, in the web sites and issues section of the forum.)

And you may make comments regarding your pictures !

Albums - for your profile page

You may also upload images just for use on your profile page. Go to Add and Album and select "Profile - Pictures used to modify your profile style"

Upload a couple of background images and use them on your profile page (click on the picture icon next to Background Image to show the images)

Save, and then you may have a, um, more colorful Profile!