Ok, about 6 weeks ago, my usb key goes missing, and I'm convinced I lost it, at one of our TX sites.
I search the site, the vehicle I used, the clothes I wore, the office, my car, my house, nada, nix, fokol, nothing.
And I have to modify some code
So, either re-write the lot in mikroElektronika Basic, or buy a new key, I bought a new key
(Too lazy, stupid, to re-write the code)

Tonight, I'm vacuuming the house, I hear a sort of "gulp" noise, there's my old key, hidden behind a desk leg.
I suppose, the up-side of this, I have a spare key

Can't speak for other users of the "other" compiler, but after buying my original license from them, I've never had the urge, nor bowed to the temptation from "friends", to request a software key, not applicable to myself.

Why two compilers ?, well the "other" one came at a very good price, with a very nice development board

I suppose only Fanie would appreciate the financial implications of this, with our Monopoly currency here