Hi everyone. I have a query and home someone could help. I have been building my MP3 player with the Viniculum Vmusic module. You send a command via serial port and it starts to play the first song on the memory stick. Soon after this it spits out the tag info and after that every second it spits out the lelapsed time.

To cut a long story short I am using a Truley Samsung K108 display. When I use the internal font then some tag info goes lost. But if I use the external font all works ok. Yes there are timing issues which I have taken into account. It seems that the reading from the 24lc32 must be a bit slow. I realised that I am printing each character as it comes in. Maybee I should dump it all into a buffer and after that print everything to the screen.

Just wondering why the eeprom is slow. I hve declared fast bus of 400 and 1000 but this does not help. I have to wait 900ms to catch the data otherwise it all goes out of sync. At the moment with internal font all works OK.

Another point I have windows XP pro on my work PC and have installed latest beta but cannot get Sprint,SprintY or x to work. It seems to crash the system.

Any Ideas would be appreciated.

BTW I have got so Used to my MP3 player I have strapped it to a 12V lead acid battery and have one of those cassette things you pop into your cars cassette player and feed music into it. Plug the MP3 player into it and turn my car into a driving geoma goema player (a goema goema) player is those large boxes with two speakers you carry on your shoulder and makes the bavk of your car bounce up and down). The sound quality is amazing.