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Thread: User Id Location ?3780 days old

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    Default Re: User Id Location ?

    Just write this table with your values in the end of the basic code.
    __IDLOCS 0x200000,0xFF
    __IDLOCS 0x200001,0xFF
    __IDLOCS 0x200002,0xFF
    __IDLOCS 0x200003,0xFF
    __IDLOCS 0x200004,0xFF
    __IDLOCS 0x200005,0xFF
    __IDLOCS 0x200006,0xFF
    __IDLOCS 0x200007,0xFF
    [U]73's de Alberto ea3agv[/U]

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    Default Re: User Id Location ?

    Yes but automatic code generation with the option of either time stamp or version stamp would be better.
    The compiler can have this feature

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    Default Re: User Id Location ?

    Fuse Configurator is not the place to be adding such features because you would have to run it every time you wanted to change the IDLOCS data, so here are some other thoughts...

    RAD Studio has a Build and a Compile command but only the Build command actually updates the version number. (In RAD Studio Build re-compiled everything from scratch whereas compile only compiled those bits which have changed)

    It would be relatively simple to design a plugin to add a Build button to the IDE which appended the version number in assembler to the end of the code before compiling. Also, remember each page in the IDE carries a version number, you can see it in the results pane of the IDE after a compile. It also can be configured to increment each compile if that is what you want. Since this is also accessible from the API you could use this version number to create the assembler to append to the program.

    Also, see DaveS V Info plugin which could be set up to do something similar.

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    Default Re: User Id Location ?

    Hi John,
    I looked up RAD studio & found it to be interesting.
    Does it support Android App development?
    This is slightly away from the thread topic.

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    Default Re: User Id Location ?

    Yes, if you purchase the relevant compilers. Embercadero seem to be concentrating on multi-platform development.

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    Default Re: User Id Location ?

    I know you do loads of work for the board with little or no reward so I'm weary to ask but are you planning on writing such a plugin?

    If so, can I give my vote for date compiled and compiler version (assuming the compiler version is available).

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    Default Re: User Id Location ?

    George, I will make one if a few more express an interest. It doesn't look difficult but as I have found from experience to make apps like this universal one needs to do some research, e.g. in this case, do all device series come with 8 ID locations, are there differences between 8 and 16 bit devices etc...
    If you can answer the above it would make the job simpler.

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    Default Re: User Id Location ?

    John, I would be interested in such a plugin. Currently I manually put the version in eedata.
    Last edited by John Drew; 16th October 2017 at 23:35. Reason: Phone changed eedata when i wasn't looking

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    Default Re: User Id Location ?

    George, I will make one if a few more express an interest. It doesn't look difficult but as I have found from experience to make apps like this universal one needs to do some research, e.g. in this case, do all device series come with 8 ID locations, are there differences between 8 and 16 bit devices etc...
    If you can answer the above it would make the job simpler.
    If it helps you can read the following from the PPI file
    IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    IDLOC1 EQU 0X200001
    IDLOC2 EQU 0X200002
    IDLOC3 EQU 0X200003
    IDLOC4 EQU 0X200004
    IDLOC5 EQU 0X200005
    IDLOC6 EQU 0X200006
    IDLOC7 EQU 0X200007
    The following Proton supported devices are specified as having IDLOCs
    P10F320.ppi(558):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P10F322.ppi(558):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P10LF320.ppi(558):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P10LF322.ppi(558):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P12F1501.ppi(1011):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P12F1571.ppi(1237):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P12F1572.ppi(1276):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P12F1612.ppi(1824):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P12F1822.ppi(858):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P12F1840.ppi(823):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P12F752.ppi(499):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P12HV752.ppi(499):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P12LF1501.ppi(1011):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P12LF1552.ppi(627):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P12LF1571.ppi(1237):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P12LF1572.ppi(1276):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P12LF1612.ppi(1817):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P12LF1822.ppi(858):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P12LF1840.ppi(823):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P12LF1840T39A.ppi(824):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P12LF1840T48A.ppi(814):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1454.ppi(933):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1455.ppi(1061):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1459.ppi(1109):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1503.ppi(1169):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1507.ppi(1051):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1508.ppi(1607):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1509.ppi(1604):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1512.ppi(839):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1513.ppi(837):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1516.ppi(760):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1517.ppi(814):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1518.ppi(754):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1519.ppi(808):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1526.ppi(1352):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1527.ppi(1340):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F15325.ppi(2982):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F15345.ppi(3109):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F15354.ppi(3342):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F15355.ppi(3336):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F15356.ppi(3323):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F15375.ppi(3532):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F15376.ppi(3519):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F15385.ppi(3668):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F15386.ppi(3653):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1574.ppi(1696):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1575.ppi(1690):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1578.ppi(1809):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1579.ppi(1803):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1613.ppi(1940):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1614.ppi(3776):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1615.ppi(4102):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1618.ppi(3897):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1619.ppi(4217):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1703.ppi(962):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1704.ppi(1847):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1705.ppi(1844):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1707.ppi(1037):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1708.ppi(1926):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1709.ppi(1925):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1713.ppi(2270):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1717.ppi(2432):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1716.ppi(2264):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1718.ppi(2303):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1719.ppi(2419):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1764.ppi(2853):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1768.ppi(3993):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1765.ppi(2848):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1769.ppi(3987):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1773.ppi(5416):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1776.ppi(5408):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1777.ppi(6567):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1778.ppi(5396):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1779.ppi(6554):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1782.ppi(1692):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1784.ppi(2174):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1783.ppi(1689):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1786.ppi(2058):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1787.ppi(2169):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1788.ppi(2388):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1789.ppi(2511):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1823.ppi(954):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1824.ppi(1011):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1825.ppi(999):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1827.ppi(1072):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1828.ppi(1067):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1826.ppi(889):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1829.ppi(1109):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1829LIN.ppi(1112):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F18313.ppi(1859):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F18323.ppi(2038):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F18325.ppi(2738):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F18326.ppi(2790):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F18345.ppi(2873):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1847.ppi(1070):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F18346.ppi(2955):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F18854.ppi(4989):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F18855.ppi(5010):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F18856.ppi(4970):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F18857.ppi(5015):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F18875.ppi(5240):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F18876.ppi(5198):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1933.ppi(1174):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F18877.ppi(5233):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1934.ppi(1272):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1936.ppi(1170):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1937.ppi(1269):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1938.ppi(1165):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1939.ppi(1265):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1947.ppi(1812):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F1946.ppi(1818):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16F707.ppi(668):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P16F721.ppi(428):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P16F720.ppi(430):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P16F722A.ppi(578):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P16F723A.ppi(577):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P16F753.ppi(678):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P16HV753.ppi(672):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P16LF1454.ppi(933):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1455.ppi(1061):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1459.ppi(1109):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1503.ppi(1169):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1507.ppi(1048):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1508.ppi(1604):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1509.ppi(1601):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1512.ppi(839):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1513.ppi(837):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1516.ppi(760):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1517.ppi(814):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1518.ppi(754):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1519.ppi(808):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1526.ppi(1352):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1527.ppi(1340):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1554.ppi(1239):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1559.ppi(1295):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1574.ppi(1696):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1575.ppi(1690):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1578.ppi(1809):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1579.ppi(1803):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1613.ppi(1940):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1614.ppi(3772):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1618.ppi(3893):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1615.ppi(4106):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1619.ppi(4213):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1703.ppi(950):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1704.ppi(1847):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1705.ppi(1832):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1707.ppi(1025):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1708.ppi(1926):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1713.ppi(2270):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1709.ppi(1914):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1716.ppi(2264):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1718.ppi(2291):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1717.ppi(2420):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1719.ppi(2407):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1773.ppi(5416):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1776.ppi(5408):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1777.ppi(6567):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1778.ppi(5396):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1779.ppi(6554):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1782.ppi(1692):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1784.ppi(2174):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1786.ppi(2058):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1783.ppi(1689):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1787.ppi(2169):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1789.ppi(2511):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1788.ppi(2388):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1823.ppi(954):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1824.ppi(1011):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1825.ppi(999):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1826.ppi(889):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1827.ppi(1072):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1828.ppi(1067):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1829.ppi(1109):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF18313.ppi(1859):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF18323.ppi(2038):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF18325.ppi(2738):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF18326.ppi(2790):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF18345.ppi(2873):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1847.ppi(1070):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF18346.ppi(2955):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF18854.ppi(4990):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF18855.ppi(5011):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF18856.ppi(4971):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF18857.ppi(5016):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF18875.ppi(5241):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF18876.ppi(5199):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF18877.ppi(5234):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1902.ppi(730):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1903.ppi(730):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1904.ppi(993):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1906.ppi(892):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1907.ppi(990):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1933.ppi(1174):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1934.ppi(1272):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1936.ppi(1170):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1938.ppi(1165):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1937.ppi(1269):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1939.ppi(1265):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1947.ppi(1812):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF1946.ppi(1818):IDLOC0 EQU 0X8000
    P16LF720.ppi(432):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P16LF707.ppi(668):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P16LF721.ppi(430):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P16LF722A.ppi(572):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P16LF723A.ppi(571):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    P18F1230.PPI(825):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F1330.PPI(827):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2331.PPI(1057):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2410.PPI(894):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F242.PPI(690):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2423.PPI(945):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2431.PPI(1057):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2439.PPI(726):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2455.PPI(1158):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2458.PPI(1160):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F248.PPI(1353):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F24K20.PPI(1038):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F24K40.ppi(3453):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2510.PPI(931):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2515.PPI(909):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F252.PPI(708):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2520.PPI(964):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2525.PPI(938):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2539.PPI(741):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2550.PPI(1173):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2523.PPI(975):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2553.PPI(1175):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F258.PPI(1383):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2580.PPI(3725):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2585.PPI(3708):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F25K20.PPI(1069):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F25K40.ppi(3473):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2610.PPI(924):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2620.PPI(948):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F2680.PPI(3723):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F26K40.ppi(3515):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F27K40.ppi(3555):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4331.PPI(1196):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4410.PPI(1008):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F442.PPI(731):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4423.PPI(1049):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4431.PPI(1196):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4439.PPI(828):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4455.PPI(1289):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4458.PPI(1291):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F448.PPI(1408):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F44K20.PPI(1116):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4510.PPI(1044):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4515.PPI(1023):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F452.PPI(749):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4520.PPI(1077):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4523.PPI(1079):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4525.PPI(1058):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4539.PPI(843):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4550.PPI(1304):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4553.PPI(1306):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F458.PPI(1438):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4585.PPI(3853):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4580.PPI(3868):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F45K20.PPI(1148):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F45K40.ppi(3710):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4610.PPI(1038):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4620.PPI(1054):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F4680.PPI(3868):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F46K40.ppi(3714):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F47K40.ppi(3754):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F6310.PPI(1095):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F6390.PPI(1671):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F6410.PPI(1095):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F6490.PPI(1671):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F6520.PPI(1148):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F6525.PPI(1376):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F6585.PPI(3711):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F65K40.ppi(5533):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F6620.PPI(947):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F6621.PPI(1391):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F6627.PPI(1620):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F6622.PPI(1590):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F6680.PPI(3703):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F66K40.ppi(5532):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F6720.PPI(983):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F6722.PPI(1651):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F67K40.ppi(5572):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F8310.PPI(1230):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F8390.PPI(1799):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F8410.PPI(1230):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F8490.PPI(1799):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F8520.PPI(1277):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F8525.PPI(1504):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F8585.PPI(3845):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F8620.PPI(1010):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F8621.PPI(1519):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F8627.PPI(1783):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F8680.PPI(3837):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F8720.PPI(1047):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18F8722.PPI(1814):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18LF24K40.ppi(3450):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18LF25K40.ppi(3470):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18LF26K40.ppi(3512):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18LF27K40.ppi(3552):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18LF45K40.ppi(3704):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18LF46K40.ppi(3711):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18LF47K40.ppi(3751):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18LF65K40.ppi(5531):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18LF66K40.ppi(5530):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    P18LF67K40.ppi(5570):IDLOC0 EQU 0X200000
    PMCP19110.ppi(699):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    PMCP19111.ppi(722):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    PMCP19114.ppi(701):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    PMCP19115.ppi(701):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    PMCP19117.ppi(773):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    PMCP19118.ppi(697):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    PMCP19119.ppi(722):IDLOC0 EQU 0X2000
    BTW I'm pretty sure std 16F's cant read there own user id's
    Last edited by towlerg; 17th October 2017 at 01:02.

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    Default Re: User Id Location ?

    Me too interested in such a plugin. It will add value to this great compiler.

    I also think that the enhanced devices can write their own ID.


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