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    Hi, I need your opinion in this topic http://www.protonbasic.co.uk/showthr...hlight=spanish
  2. Hi Maxi,
    In this moment I don't know how to record a video. I need some help from aother person, I think next week. The bootloader has a lot of security, more than a standard bootloader. You must program the bootloader.hex with a ICSP programmer. (PICkit2, PICkit3, ICD2, ICD3...) And then only use an RS232 terminal to download your codes.
    I know I don't write english very well but you can try to read the article carefully. You can follow the STEPS01 to STEP12 to configure a bootloader. Send me an example, I can to try configure it.
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    dear alberto Im very happy your V2.1 but I cant understand already how can use your bootloader
    please please record a video about it or maybe very simple write step by step about using
    may I ask a question: is this bootloader have any security?
    someone save our hex file with pickit2? or etc?
  4. Right now I am testing the Bootloader with internal oscillator with the PIC18F26K20 & PIC18F26K22. It is working very fine.
    When I'll finish this project I'll try to make a record.
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    thank you alberto, I have many many time no problem but I want to learn useing your bootloader
    how can I use it I dont know
    as I say maybe you need a record simple video
    best regards
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    here is the my config alberto.
    Device 18F26K22
    Declare Xtal=16
      FOSC = INTIO67
      PLLCFG = OFF
      PRICLKEN = On
      FCMEN = OFF
      IESO = OFF
      PWRTEN = On
      BORV = 190
      WDTEN = OFF
      WDTPS = 32768
      CCP2MX = PORTC1
      PBADEN = OFF
      CCP3MX = PORTC6
      HFOFST = OFF
      T3CMX = PORTC0
      P2BMX = PORTC0;
      STVREN = OFF
      LVP = OFF
      XINST = OFF
      Debug = OFF
      Cp0 = On
      CP1 = On
      CP2 = On
      CP3 = On
      CPB = On
      CPD = OFF
      WRT0 = OFF
      WRT1 = OFF
      WRT2 = OFF
      WRT3 = OFF
      WRTC = OFF
      WRTB = OFF
      WRTD = OFF
      EBTR0 = OFF
      EBTR1 = OFF
      EBTR2 = OFF
      EBTR3 = OFF
      EBTRB = OFF
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    Dear alberto, could you record a video for your latest bootloader?
    I want to use and try it, need some help about it.
    thank you
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    Hi Alberto,
    Please help me with exemple MCP3208 and PIC18F46K22 usig SPI Hardware library for PIC18F4xKxx series!
    Not really understand how it works "SPI Read Write".
    It is excellent if you can describe all SPI Hardware library commands
    Thank you very much !
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    hello join up http://www.protonbasic.co.uk/group.php?groupid=5http://www.protonbasic.co.uk/group.php?groupid=5
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    Hi Alberto, Ummm, I'll see where it's gone.
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Driving 2 to 6 seven segment displays.
I have recovered from the forum background a code to drive 4 seven segments displays.
I have renewed the code to adapt it to the new versions of the compiler (V3603).
You can configure all possible ve...
87 0 1 11th June 2018, 20:58 22nd June 2018, 22:43
Universal PIC18 Bootloader for PDS
A new version 5.0 of the PDS Bootloader. It is more easy to use.
30/12/2017 I updated the manual Part1 and included manual Part2.
The CoolTerm Terminal could be downloadd from the http://coolterm.find...
415 0 9 23rd December 2017, 12:14 30th December 2017, 09:35
Demo code for the ZX4120 GPS
Demo code for the ZX4120 GPS with new library.
Updated 25/08/2017 version 1.4
The article will be available in the WIKI (http://www.protonbasic.co.uk/content.php/4606-Demo-code-for-the-ZX4120-GPS)....
47 0 1 15th August 2017, 20:28 25th August 2017, 18:39
A Simple State Machine
Update the State Machine Part 4 with new SM library. Update the State Machine Part5: A simple Mulitasking System New Library for Local Variables. Updated 02/08/2017 Update the State Machine Library fo...
400 0 5 4th April 2017, 14:52 13th January 2018, 07:47
PPS inc file for the PIC18FxxK40 devices
To make our life more easy I wrote a PPS inc file to declare the pins of the following devices: PIC18F24K40,25K40,27K40,45K40,46K40,47K40,65K40,66 K40,67K40.
56 0 1 6th February 2017, 09:11 6th February 2017, 09:11
HRSout send a byte with 2 stop bits
Send a byte with 2 stop bits with the HRSout command.
See the article in the WIKI.
94 0 1 21st September 2016, 16:15 22nd September 2016, 06:30
Read Syncronizes to Write
How you could write between the readings of the ports.
See the article in the Wiki.
36 0 1 26th May 2016, 17:21 27th May 2016, 06:03
Another way to use the Watchdog
Another way to use the Watchdog reset using the "debounce 8 inputs" library.
See the article in the WIKI
79 0 1 17th May 2016, 00:30 17th May 2016, 07:52
Debouncing 8 inputs by interrupt
Using vertical counters could be the best solution to debounce 8 inputs of the PIC.
Update version 1.1 Added detection of rising & falling edges.

See the article in the WIKI (http://www.protonbasic.c...
97 0 1 20th March 2016, 09:20 22nd March 2016, 09:24
HRSOut by interrupt
Send characters with the HRSOut command by interrupt.
See the article in the WIKI.
113 0 1 18th March 2016, 08:37 19th March 2016, 08:02
DS1307 Real Time Clock (2)
A library for the DS1307 Real Time Clock.
12/04/2017 Update DS1307 library
The Article can be found in the WIKI (http://www.protonbasic.co.uk/content.php/4563-DS1307-Real-Time-Clock(2))....
303 0 1 15th March 2016, 11:42 12th April 2017, 10:17
A library for the 24LC256/512 eeprom memory.

The Article can be found in the WIKI.
159 0 1 10th March 2016, 07:33 15th March 2016, 10:02
Hardware SPI library for the PIC18F4xKxx series
This library allows use the hardware SPI1 and SPI2 for PIC18F4xKxx series.
65 0 1 23rd February 2016, 13:30 23rd February 2016, 13:30
Hardware SPI library for the PIC18F2xKxx series
I have made some contributions in the Hardware SPI library. In particular the ReadSPI2() has been fixed and 5 Chip Select pins are pre-defined and the Idle State could be automatically performed.
58 0 1 20th February 2016, 11:46 20th February 2016, 11:46
TC74 I2C temperature sensor
A library for TC74 I2C digital temperature sensor.
14/05/2016 I added the files needed to make a simulation with the PICDEM2 board.

The Article can be found in the WIKI (http://www.protonbasic.co.uk/...
45 0 1 18th February 2016, 09:40 14th May 2016, 20:29
A driver for the LCD ST7036
By AlbertoFS Published on 20th January 2016

I wrote a new driver for the ST7036 LCD controller. Based on Les's work made in the "Hitachi_4.inc" and "Hitachi_8.inc" templates.
I have kept the feature ...
110 0 2 12th February 2016, 17:03 26th March 2017, 09:14