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    The Proton Product range comprises of the Proton Development Suite™ and supporting Hardware development platforms. Proton Basic and the supporting hardware is for use with PICŪ microcontrollers.
    See the article WHAT IS PROTON, for a detailed description.


    Proton Development Suite supports all of the most popular Microchip Devices. With new - and ever more complex - devices, ...

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    Purchasing an extra USB license key (dongle)

    Thread Starter: HelpMe!

    I'm tired of carting the USB key between my home and office. Is there any way to purchase an additional key without purchasing an entire new copy of...

    bravo Yesterday, 23:21 Go to last post

    SMS Number Save

    Thread Starter: bravo

    Hi Folks, I need some help with a GSM problem, which seems to be to do with Cntrl Z. But may not be. I am trying to text a number to a GSM module (...

    bravo Today, 13:39 Go to last post
    Dave Purola-319

    Anybody used the ADS1115 16bit A/D?

    Thread Starter: Tim

    Hi All Has anyone used the ADS1115 16bit A/D converter? It looks pretty easy but if someone has the i2c code to share then its going to be a...

    Dave Purola Yesterday, 20:34 Go to last post

    Problem with and 18F25K50

    Thread Starter: towlerg

    I have not raised an anomaly report because it seems very unfair to expect someone (Les) to hunt down bugs for free. If I compile code,...

    towlerg Today, 09:34 Go to last post