Proton BASIC Compiler - Comparison table

  • PicŪ Basic

  • Comparison table

    Proton MELabs MBasic
    Updateable Free updates Paid updates Free updates
    Programming Environment Windows <acronym title="Disk Operating System">DOS</acronym> Windows
    IDE (3rd party only*)
    Code Explorer (3rd party only*)
    Third Party Programmer Integration (3rd party only*)
    Integrated Bootloader (16Fxxx, 18Fxxx) (3rd party only*) (16Fxxx)
    Online updating (3rd party only*)
    Plugin Architecture (3rd party only*)
    Device Support 12,14,16-bit core devices. 12,14,16-bit core devices. 14-bit core devices.
    Method of Compilation True compiler, producing readable (and alterable) ASM code. True compiler, producing hard to read MACRO code. A Pseudo Compiler Interpreter, that produces unreadable, and un-alterable ASM code.
    Size of ASM code produced. i.e. Optimisation Good to Excellent, depending on the PICmicro used. Fair to Good, depending on the PICmicro used. Very poor indeed.
    Floating Point variables (via ad–hoc)
    String Variables
    32-bit variables
    Support for BIT, BYTE, and WORD variables.
    Large Arrays (upto 256 elements)
    Size limited only by RAM on 18F and enhanced 14bit
    DATA table support. Excellent Poor Fair to Good
    Graphic LCD support.
    MPLAB Integration
    Simulator ISIS (3rd party ICD*) (ICD)

    * MELabs PICBASIC Pro ships with a Free, reduced functionality edition of MicroCode Studio.

    All information was correct at the time of publication