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    PICBASICTM PIC® Microcontroller Compiler for the Proton Development Suite

    The Microchip PIC® microcontrollers are arguably the most commonly used microcontrollers available to date, mainly due to their availability and price. But let’s not forget their functionality as well. The large diversity of PIC® microcontrollers, range from tiny 6-pin to huge 84-pin devices. Each type of microcontroller offers differing levels of on-board features. The smallest devices offer the ability to add some simple automation to a project, while the larger devices have the capabilities of a microprocessor system, offering much more than simple control.

    The PROTON+ compiler takes full advantage of each type of PIC® micro available, and offers a friendly and intuitive language that allows very complex operations to be carried out with a minimum of fuss, and provides a flexibility and functionality that is unparalleled in the world of PIC® micro programming. The PROTON+ compiler is functionally compatible with the language of the Parallax BASIC Stamp modules and the PICBASIC Pro Compiler from microEngineering labs. This offers the beginner a comfortable and familiar environment to gently move into the world of PIC® programming.

    The Professional code developer will find PROTON+ offers a speedy route to market, producing Tight, Fast, Readable and Editable assembly code, commented throughout with its BASIC counterpart. While the new comer will find an easy language to work with that will produce results virtually from the moment it is installed on the PC.

    The rich command set of the PROTON+ compiler allows easy interfacing to a whole host of exotic peripherals, such as ADC’s, Accelerometers, Serial Eeprom’s etc, the list is endless. In fact, it’s probably possible to interface to almost any peripheral on the market today.

    The output of the compiler is 100% Microchip MPASM compatible and the resulting Hex file, COD, ERR and LST files can be used with Microchip™ Compatible programming tools and Programmers.

    The compiler has built in commands to access the Philips I2C bus, Generic SPI, Dallas 1-wire bus, RS232/RS485 serial, X10, Compact Flash Memory Cards, and USB. It also has a whole host of commands that access the on-board features of the PIC® micro such as ADC, USART, PWM, Timers, Interrupts etc.

    The compiler has a subset of string handling capabilities, as well as 32-bit integer and floating point variables. Not to mention the bread and butter BIT (1-bit) , BYTE (8-bits) , and WORD (16-bit) type variables and arrays found in the Parallax Stamp module. It also has unrivalled data handling capabilities which are a must for more serious programming tasks.

    Feature Rich

    The compiler supports many feature rich high level commands that simply don't appear in lessor products, for example:
    • Inline commands and comparisons
    • String handling and Virtual strings
    • relational operations
    • Comprehensive boolean Logic Operators
    • Floating Point Math
    • seamless in line assembly
    • Graphical LCD support
    • Compact Flash read and write
    • Servo
    • X10 protocol
    • USB In / Out
    • I2C
    • and much much more!

    Download the 400 page user guide to see for yourself just how powerful and flexible the compiler is.

    PIC® micro Support

    Proton Development Suite supports all of the most popular Microchip Devices. With new - and ever more complex - devices, becoming available each month, we try to keep up! Inevitably support for some very new devices will be delayed as we await samples and errata free data sheets.

    Our policy for adding devices is generally managed within the following hierarchy:
    • add support if a new device is a variation of an existing supported device
    • add support of a new device based upon popular demand, as requested by forum users.
      • Subject to the device being available for general purchase
      • the data sheet being available to us
      • there being no major errata notes related to the device
      • the device being a standard 12, 14 or 16 bit core device
    • 24 and 32 bit core devices are NOT supported by Proton Development Suite. These devices will be supported by a NEW product.

    12-bit core devices

    10F200, 10F202, 10F204, 10F206, 10F220, 10F222
    12C508, 12C508A, 12C509, 12C509A, 12CE518, 12CE519
    12F508, 12F509, 12F510, 12F519, 16C505, 16C54
    16C54A, 16C54B, 16C54C, 16C55, 16C55A, 16C56
    16C56A, 16C57, 16C57C, 16C58A, 16C58B, 16CR54
    16CR54A, 16CR57A, 16CR57B, 16CR57C, 16CR58A, 16CR58B
    16F505, 16F506, 16F526, 16F54, 16F57, 16HV540
    RF509AF, RF509AG
    14-bit core devices

    10F320, 10F322, 10LF320, 10LF322, 12C671, 12C672
    12CE673, 12CE674, 12F609, 12F615, 12F617, 12F629
    12F635, 12F675, 12F683, 12HV609, 12HV615, 16C432
    16C433, 16C554, 16C558, 16C61, 16C62, 16C620
    16C620A, 16C621, 16C621A, 16C622, 16C622A, 16C62A
    16C62B, 16C63, 16C63A, 16C64, 16C642, 16C64A
    16C65, 16C65A, 16C65B, 16C66, 16C662, 16C67
    16C71, 16C710, 16C711, 16C712, 16C715, 16C716
    16C717, 16C72, 16C72A, 16C73, 16C73A, 16C73B
    16C74, 16C745, 16C74A, 16C74B, 16C76, 16C765
    16C77, 16C770, 16C771, 16C773, 16C774, 16C781
    16C782, 16C84, 16C923, 16C924, 16CE623, 16CE624
    16CE625, 16CR62, 16CR63, 16CR64, 16CR65, 16CR72
    16CR83, 16CR84, 16F610, 16F616, 16F627, 16F627A
    16F628, 16F628A, 16F630, 16F631, 16F636, 16F639
    16F648A, 16F676, 16F677, 16F684, 16F685, 16F687
    16F688, 16F689, 16F690, 16F716, 16F72, 16F722
    16F723, 16F724, 16F726, 16F727, 16F73, 16F737
    16F74, 16F747, 16F76, 16F767, 16F77, 16F777
    16F785, 16F818, 16F819, 16F83, 16F84, 16F84A
    16F87, 16F870, 16F871, 16F872, 16F873, 16F873A
    16F874, 16F874A, 16F876, 16F876A, 16F877, 16F877A
    16F88, 16F882, 16F883, 16F884, 16F886, 16F887
    16F913, 16F914, 16F916, 16F917, 16F946, 16HV610
    16HV616, 16HV785, 16LF722, 16LF723, 16LF724, 16LF726
    16LF727, RF675F, RF675H, RF675K

    14-bit enhanced core devices

    12F1501, 12F1822, 12F1840, 12LF1501, 12LF1822, 12LF1840
    12LF1840T48A, 16F1454, 16F1455, 16F1459, 16F1503, 16F1507
    16F1508, 16F1509, 16F1512, 16F1513, 16F1516, 16F1517
    16F1518, 16F1519, 16F1526, 16F1527, 16F1782, 16F1783
    16F1784, 16F1786, 16F1787, 16F1823, 16F1824, 16F1825
    16F1826, 16F1827, 16F1828, 16F1829, 16F1847, 16F1933
    16F1934, 16F1936, 16F1937, 16F1938, 16F1939, 16F1946
    16F1947, 16LF1454, 16LF1455, 16LF1459, 16LF1503, 16LF1507
    16LF1508, 16LF1509, 16LF1512, 16LF1513, 16LF1516, 16LF1517
    16LF1518, 16LF1519, 16LF1526, 16LF1527, 16LF1782, 16LF1783
    16LF1784, 16LF1786, 16LF1787, 16LF1823, 16LF1824, 16LF1825
    16LF1826, 16LF1827, 16LF1828, 16LF1829, 16LF1847, 16LF1933
    16LF1934, 16LF1936, 16LF1937, 16LF1938, 16LF1939, 16LF1946

    16-bit core devices

    18F1220, 18F1230, 18F1320, 18F1330, 18F13K22, 18F13K50
    18F14K22, 18F14K50, 18F2220, 18F2221, 18F2320, 18F2321
    18F2331, 18F23K20, 18F23K22, 18F2410, 18F242, 18F2420
    18F2423, 18F2431, 18F2439, 18F2450, 18F2455, 18F2458
    18F248, 18F2480, 18F24J10, 18F24J11, 18F24K20, 18F24K22
    18F24K50, 18F2510, 18F2515, 18F252, 18F2520, 18F2523
    18F2525, 18F2539, 18F2550, 18F2553, 18F258, 18F2580
    18F2585, 18F25J10, 18F25J11, 18F25K20, 18F25K22, 18F25K50
    18F25K80, 18F2610, 18F2620, 18F2680, 18F2682, 18F2685
    18F26J11, 18F26J13, 18F26J50, 18F26K20, 18F26K22, 18F26K80
    18F27J13, 18F4220, 18F4221, 18F4320, 18F4321, 18F4331
    18F43K20, 18F43K22, 18F4410, 18F442, 18F4420, 18F4423
    18F4431, 18F4439, 18F4450, 18F4455, 18F4458, 18F448
    18F4480, 18F44J10, 18F44J11, 18F44K20, 18F44K22, 18F4510
    18F4515, 18F452, 18F4520, 18F4523, 18F4525, 18F4539
    18F4550, 18F4553, 18F458, 18F4580, 18F4585, 18F45J10
    18F45J11, 18F45K20, 18F45K22, 18F45K50, 18F45K80, 18F4610
    18F4620, 18F4680, 18F4682, 18F4685, 18F46J11, 18F46J13
    18F46J50, 18F46K20, 18F46K22, 18F46K80, 18F47J13, 18F6310
    18F6390, 18F6393, 18F63J11, 18F63J90, 18F6410, 18F6490
    18F6493, 18F64J11, 18F64J90, 18F6520, 18F6525, 18F6527
    18F6585, 18F65J10, 18F65J11, 18F65J15, 18F65J50, 18F65J90
    18F65K22, 18F65K80, 18F6620, 18F6621, 18F6622, 18F6627
    18F6628, 18F6680, 18F66J10, 18F66J11, 18F66J15, 18F66J16
    18F66J50, 18F66J55, 18F66J60, 18F66J65, 18F66K22, 18F66K80
    18F6720, 18F6722, 18F6723, 18F67J10, 18F67J11, 18F67J50
    18F67J60, 18F67K22, 18F8310, 18F8390, 18F8393, 18F83J11
    18F83J90, 18F8410, 18F8490, 18F8493, 18F84J11, 18F84J90
    18F8520, 18F8525, 18F8527, 18F8585, 18F85J10, 18F85J11
    18F85J15, 18F85J50, 18F85J90, 18F85K22, 18F8620, 18F8621
    18F8622, 18F8627, 18F8628, 18F8680, 18F86J10, 18F86J11
    18F86J15, 18F86J16, 18F86J50, 18F86J55, 18F86J60, 18F86J65
    18F86K22, 18F8720, 18F8722, 18F8723, 18F87J10, 18F87J11
    18F87J50, 18F87J60, 18F87K22, 18F96J60, 18F96J65, 18F97J60
    18LF13K22, 18LF13K50, 18LF14K22, 18LF14K50, 18LF24J11, 18LF24K50
    18LF25J11, 18LF25K50, 18LF25K80, 18LF26J11, 18LF26J13, 18LF26K80
    18LF27J13, 18LF44J11, 18LF45J11, 18LF45K50, 18LF45K80, 18LF46J11
    18LF46J13, 18LF46K80, 18LF47J13, 18LF65K22, 18LF65K80, 18LF66K22
    18LF66K80, 18LF67K22, 18LF85K22, 18LF86K22, 18LF87K22