• PicŪ Basic

  • TIP- Use mixed case when setting up Variables, Constants, Aliases, and Labels

    This is a very simple tip, but it has saved me from making mistakes more times than I can count.
    When setting up Variables, Constants, ALiases, and Labels, always use mixed upper and lower case characters, like MyLabel or ADvalue, for example.
    Once they are defined, always refer to them by typing all lower case characters. Here's why- As soon as the IDE recognizes that you are referring to one of these values that you set up previously, it will change what you typed to match the capitalization when you set it up. This serves as a check to make sure you typed it properly. For example, if you set up ADvalue as a variable, and then you type in advalue when referring to it, you will see your text change to ADvalue, indicating that you typed it properly and that the IDE understands what you are referring to.