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  • Cardbase V1.0 (Chipdrive reader)

    by Thor Selnes
    Cardbase V1.0 (Chipdrive reader)
    Visualbasic source
    Admin (manage cards)
    Client (runs in the systemtray)
    Information about the project
    Download Files
    Admin:Goto top

    Enter userinformation into database and program card:Goto top

    Manage cards in database : Goto top

    Client :Goto top
    Client runs in the background and has a system tray icon (the icon with the letter "C")

    A valid card is detected.Goto top

    Pin entering Goto top

    Pin ok (1)Goto top

    Pin ok (2)Goto top

    Configurate the current card Goto top

    Files:Goto top
    Chipdrive driver
    Information about this project:Goto top
    It uses memory cards to identify a user. I use SLE4442(4 number password,2byte) and SLE4428 (6 number password,3byte).
    I have made some security code, but you can't count this project to be safe(see it as a fun project).
    A cool feature is that the program can login a forum account when a card
    is inserted, and logout a user when the card is removed Very nice if the computer
    is used be many people (you need to make some changes to make it safe. Encrypt information that is in the database)
    In the project there are some "Bit conversions" (by Vladimar) that can be very useful in any electronic project
    (byte to bits or bits to byte conversions!)

    Thanks : Goto top
    A special thanks goes to those who have created public code for others to use.
    I have used code from others in my project.
    Thanks go to :
    Playxcube (Msn like trayalert)
    Federico Bridger (Systemtray)
    Brett Johnson (A better random number)
    Vladimar (Bit conversions)
    If you are loking for a nice msn like alert that doesn't steal focus from other applications goto : (Free activex component)
    Clint LaFever (Msn like trayalert)

    I will not take any responsibility for what this project may cause!
    Made by Thor Selnes.

    About the Proton Compiler

    Crownhill's Proton Plus Compiler is a part of the Proton Development Suite - A suite of British-developed applications enabling fast development of PICŪ micro's using the PICŪ BASIC Language.
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