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    Slow motion for servos

    By : Chris Judge
    January 2004


    This circuit evolved a few months ago when making a model of HMS Cossack a WW2 Destroyer.
    It was found that it would be quite good if I could get the Turret servos to run in a kind of Slow-Motion. I also needed 4 outputs (2 for the forward turrets and 2 reversed for the rear turrets).
    I spent 3 days trying to figure out a good algorithm for this project until light finally dawned when I realised that all I needed to do was input a value then loop it till the servo position equalled this value - simple. See the fully (some might say over full) commented Proton Plus Basic code.
    This project raises the question of servo frame rates, as this circuit certainly does not output at a steady 50Hz, so I did some empirical testing by setting the speed on a Tamiya electric model car, running it round the garden then turning the transmitter off. To my surprise the car just kept the same servo setting even though my garden is far from even. In this application the load on the servos would be far less, and it has proved to be no problem.
    The schematic, such as it is, is shown below. I cannot show a circuit board photo as it is buried in the bowels of HMS Cossack - sorry.



    Chris Judge
    January 2004

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    Download code from here