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    Hi guys!

    Today I received my PICkit4.
    Fingers crossed, but until now it works as it should and nice and fast.

    For those who also have PICkit4, here is how to work together with Proton IDE:

    If you received your PICkit4, do not connect it with your computer yet, first you have to install MPLABX v4.20 or later.

    First, you need minimal MPLABX version v4.20, older MPLABX versions will not work (good) with the PICkit4.
    Second, when you have downloaded MPLABX v4.20, you have enough to install only MPLAB IPE (and not the MPLAB IDE), if you only work with Proton PIC Basic.
    In MPLABX, as well the IPE as IDE are selected for installing, but why should you install a lot of data on your computer, if you don't use it?
    So unselect IDE if you not use this part.
    Just before installing has finished, it asked a few times if "software for this device should be installed" (which device is not mentioned, but always click YES)

    After installing MPLABX, you have a black and an orange logo on your desktop.
    Click the orange "MPLABX IPE v4.20"
    Now, connect the PICkit4 programmer on your computer.
    It will take several minutes before PICkit4 has installed.

    If the PICkit4 is installed, then it would be recognized and it would be showed after "Tool:"
    Try if you can program a PIC with MPLABX IPE.
    Select first the PIC device (type)
    Then browse to a HEX file you have created earlier (with i.e. Proton).
    Finally click on 'Program'.


    Then, in the Proton IDE (don't confuse it with MPLAB IDE):
    Click: View > Compile and Program Options... >
    Select tab: Programmer
    Click: Install New Programmer...
    Select: Create a custom programmer entry
    Enter Display Name: PICkit4 - Target supply
    Programmer Filename: ipecmd.exe
    Find Manually: Windows(C : > Program Files (x86) > Microchip > MPLABX > v4.20 > mplab_platform > mplab_ipe
    Parameters: /P$target-device$ /F"$hex-filename$" /TPPK4 /M /OL
    Click: Finished

    The parameters above are for use when the power comes from the target PIC (this is a safe method if you regularly use 3,3V as well as 5V devices)

    If you want the power from out the PICkit4, then the parameters are:

    For 3,3V
    /P$target-device$ /F"$hex-filename$" /TPPK4 /M /OL /W3.3

    For 5V
    /P$target-device$ /F"$hex-filename$" /TPPK4 /M /OL /W5

    It is possible that your computer does not provide sufficient voltage on the USB to program the PIC with 5V.
    You will then get programming errors.
    Then set the voltage a bit lower, for example at 4.5V.
    /P$target-device$ /F"$hex-filename$" /TPPK4 /M /OL /W4.5

    (Another reason to program with the target power and the first mentioned parameters)

    Good luck!
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