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    Proton Studio
    A new Integrated Development Environment for Proton and Proton24 Compilers

    Proton Studio is a completely new Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed specifically for the Proton Plus compiler. It offers numerous features over the standard IDE which comes with the Proton Development Suite. Some of the more significant features are listed below.
    Modern Look and Feel - The IDE has the look and feel of a modern windows application, supports dark and light themes and uses docking and floating windows providing a flexible configurable desktop to suite individual users' needs.
    Code Folding Automatic for structures like Select…Case, For Next, Repeat Until. Additionally, you can select a block of code and fold it.
    Bookmarks are integrated into the IDE to allow fast navigation around the code. Bookmarks can be selected from a drop-down list containing the first few chars of the bookmarked line.
    Clip List allows the user to copy selected items of code onto the clipboard and drop copies back into the user’s source code.
    Procedure Header - In addition to the standard File header similar to that provided by the original IDE it is also possible to add a pre-formatted routine or procedure header making documenting the code a simpler task.
    Editor provides all standard editing functionality necessary to write Proton Basic syntax. Configurable highlighting allows both foreground and background colour. The editor can be extended to support highlighting for XML and INI files. Code snippets can be dragged and dropped between the editor and a code clipboard. Auto Parenthesis, Split screen viewing, Auto Code Completion.
    PDF viewer providing easy access to the PDS compiler manuals and datasheets as and when they are downloaded.
    Library Explorer provides a list of all library files in one place. Library Files can include the libraries provided with the compiler and user library files. 16-bit libraries list each procedure and a simple double click will insert the relevant code into the source.
    Assembler/Hex Viewer -After compilation you can tab between source code and assembler views.
    Fuse Configurator, familiar to users who have installed it as a Plug-in is integrated into the application and operates seamlessly with the editor.
    Project Manager provides a facility to bring all the files for a project together in one place and to manage them as a group. These files are not restricted to source code, you can add any file type relevant to the project. E.g. ISIS simulation files or PCB designs. Projects can be imported and exported.
    Programmers - Choose from a range of pre-configured programmers or add custom programmers.
    Backup and Restore - Backup your programs and projects
    Support for 3rd Party Applications - will allow applications such as the EUSART calculator to run.
    Compatibility - Supports all Short cut keys and function keys used by the original IDE

    For the latest version of Proton Studio please use this link