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    I thought it would be interesting to have voice identification and a message system on one of our local amateur radio repeaters.
    The easiest way to do this is to use one of the commonly available modules on the web.
    I chose the ISD1760 module. It is about 50mm square and requires SPI instructions for microprocessor control. It can record/play for about 60 seconds or divided into smaller segments as required. The board can also be worked by buttons but hilltop mounting makes that method difficult for me.
    The easiest way to interface to the repeater controller was through one of the MCP23017 expansion ports so I decided to use a 16F1827 as an intermediary. It has an internal oscillator and I have a good supply of them. For the test I just required 4 port pullup resistors (I could have used weak pullups) and one for the MCLR pin. The rest of the connections were basic.
    I'm not including a circuit diagram as I haven't got one

    Later, I will write a version that uses the MSSP module as I would love to read the Status register of the ISD1760. For the moment this version has tested the concept.

    As I couldn't find information on our forum or the WIKI about controlling the module I thought our users may appreciate some code to get them started. This is test code only, it works fine but is part of a much larger project.

    Control ISD1760.zip
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