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    Build & Compile with User ID
    A plugin to replace the standard Compile and Compile & Program tool buttons

    The 16 Series Extended Core and the 18 Series PIC® devices provide UserID locations which can be used to store checksum or other code identification numbers. This plugin adds a Tool Button which can be used in place of the Compile and Compile and program tool buttons in the standard IDE and will add a UserID to the source before compiling.

    The app can support a UserID between 4 and 8 bytes and will vary according to the device. 16 Series PICs® only support UserIDs of 4 bytes of which only the lower 4 bits can be programmed. 18 Series PICs® can have 8 or 16 UserID bytes but only the first 8 bytes are used in this app. 24/33 Series PICs® do not support UserID bytes.

    There are a 2 basic formats which can be supported, Version/Date and TimeDate.

    The 16 Series devices, due to the limited data available the UserID will only take version information in the form MmRB where each digit carries a BCD number 0-9. Thus, the highest version number supported will be

    The 18 Series devices carry as minimum 8 UserID bytes and the app offers two formats for this data:
    Version number and date (MMmmRRBBddmmyyyy) or a full time/date stamp (HHMMSSddmmyyyy).

    On opening, if there are more than one .Bas files open in the IDE, each file will be listed in a drop down list. You can choose which .Bas file you want to compile from the drop down and the IDE will switch to that file.

    If the source file already contains UserID data this will displayed. Click on the Update button and the date will be updated to today and if AutoInc is checked the Build number will increment.

    Click on compile or compile and program and the app will add or update the source file, save it and pass control to the compiler.

    Note: while the app is running the IDE will be locked until the compilation completes when the app will close.

    Download Build with UserID