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  • Peripheral Pin Select Wizard for P24/33

    PDS Peripheral Pin Select Wizard
    Version 1.0.2 build 3

    This wizard will simplify the task of mapping the reconfigurable pins to peripheral modules on PIC24/33 devices. It utilises the PDS Macros defined in the .Def files for the relevant PIC.

    The wizard allows you to select a mappable peripheral and map it to a specific reconfigurable pin. It will only allow mapping of peripherals to pins on a one to one basis and will prevent attempts to connect both an input peripheral and output peripheral to the same pin. For each peripheral to pin mapping the wizard will generate a line of PDS code.

    Once all the mappings have been completed you have the choice of pasting the code into the IDE or copying it to the clipboard.

    Note: Whilst PPS allows an Output peripheral to map to multiple pins and a single input pin to map to multiple Input Peripherals only a one to one relationship is supported in this version of the Wizard. A one to many version is planned for the future.

    Download PDS PPS Wizard Install