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    The Statistics Plugin can provide basic information on the use of Variables, Aliases, Labels, Constants, EData/CData, Macros and Procedures used in a PDS program. Its primary purpose is to help the user identify items which have been declared but never actually used.

    Users who need a full analysis of their PDS program including program flow etc. should use Harm De Vries Analyser tool which is also available as a plug-in.

    The PDS Statistics Plugin comprises 2 applications:

    Stats Collector operates in the background and collects information on the use of variables, aliases, labels, macros and procedures while PDS is compiling. There should be little or no impact on compile times as it runs in a separate thread. A list of unused items can be reported by the Stats Collector in the IDE’s Results window.

    Stats Reporter can display all the stats gathered by the Stats Collector presented in the form of a tabbed grid overlaying the IDE’s editing window. The reports cover all items declared, how many times and where they were used.

    Installation Please read the ReadMe.pdf before installing the plug-in. There are 2 possible configurations which available which you must determine during installation.

    Download PDS Statistics