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    LCD displays are an invaluable aid to programming, as well as offering a visual interface to the outside world of humans. However, they do tend to use up precious pins on the PICmicro, which makes them prohibitive on smaller devices.

    The PROTON Serial LCD gives the ability to interface to an LCD with just 1 pin, using serial RS232 data to give instructions to an on-board microcontroller which actually controls the LCD.

    If used in conjunction with the PROTON or PROTON+ Compilers, the LCD may be treat as if it were attached as normal, but instead of using the PRINT command, one of the host of serial commands may be used instead, such as RSOUT.

    One of the most useful features of the PROTON Serial LCD is its ability to be re-programmed with code of your own creation. Be it a customised serial interface, a frequency meter, an event counter, or a whole host of other devices that require a microcontrolled LCD with some I/O available.

    Download example code and documents here
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