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    Below is a piece of code that will give the ability to use any 4 Port.Pin definitions for the LCD's data lines:

    $ifndef _HITACHI_4_INC_
    $define _HITACHI_4_INC_
    ' Replacement routine for the compiler's Print command for an Hitachi alphanumeric LCD
    ' Using a 4-bit interface where the data pins can be on any port using preprocessor defines:
    ' $define LCD_DTPin4 Port.Bit       ' Choose the Port and Bit for the LCD's D4 line
    ' $define LCD_DTPin5 Port.Bit       ' Choose the Port and Bit for the LCD's D5 line
    ' $define LCD_DTPin6 Port.Bit       ' Choose the Port and Bit for the LCD's D6 line
     '$define LCD_DTPin7 Port.Bit       ' Choose the Port and Bit for the LCD's D7 line
        #disable Print                              ' Disable the compiler's print library routine
    ' Create system variables for the routine
        Dim PP0 As Byte System
        Dim PP0H As Byte System
        Dim BPF As Byte System
        Dim PP3 As Byte System
        Dim PP3H As Byte System
    ' Create some aliases to make the code's operation clearer
        Symbol Hitachi4_bByteOut = PP3
        Symbol Hitachi4_WREGStore = PP3H
        Symbol Hitachi4_tComOrData = BPF.0
        Symbol Hitachi4_tInitialised = BPF.1
        GoTo _Hitachi4_Main_                         ' Jump over the subroutine
        Hitachi4_WREGStore = WREG                   ' Save the byte sent
        Low __LCD_ENPORT.__LCD_ENPIN                ' Pull the EN pin to output low
        Low __LCD_RSPORT.__LCD_RSPIN                ' Pull the RS pin to output Low
        Output LCD_DTPin4                           ' \
        Output LCD_DTPin5                           ' | Set the port pins to output
        Output LCD_DTPin6                           ' |
        Output LCD_DTPin7                           ' /
        If Hitachi4_tInitialised = 0 Then           ' Has LCD been inititalised?
            DelayUS 15000                           ' No. So wait 15ms
            Hitachi4_bByteOut = $33                 ' Initialise the LCD
            GoSub Hitachi4_NibbleSend               ' Send init
            DelayUS 5000                            ' Wait 5ms
            GoSub Hitachi4_NibbleSend               ' Send init again
            DelayUS 100                             ' Wait 100us
            GoSub Hitachi4_NibbleSend               ' Send init one more time
            DelayUS 100                             ' Wait 100us
            Hitachi4_bByteOut = $22                 ' Set 4-bit mode
            GoSub Hitachi4_NibbleSend               ' Set the interface to 4-bit mode
            #ifdef __LCD_LINES                      ' Has the LCD_Lines declare been used in the main program?
                #if(__LCD_LINES == 1)               ' Yes. So...
                    WREG = $20                      ' Set for 4-bit mode, 1 line, 5x7 font
                    WREG = $28                      ' Set for 4-bit mode, 2+ lines, 5x7 font
            #else                                   ' Otherwise... Default to 2 lines
                WREG = $28                          ' Set for 4-bit mode, 2+ lines, 5x7 font
            GoSub Hitachi4_SetCommand               ' Send command
            WREG = $0C                              ' Set for Display on, no cursor, no blink
            GoSub Hitachi4_SetCommand
            WREG = $06                              ' LCD entry mode set, increment, no shift
            GoSub Hitachi4_SetCommand
            Set Hitachi4_tInitialised               ' Indicate that the LCD is initialised
            WREG = Hitachi4_WREGStore               ' Get the saved byte back
            GoTo Hitachi4_Skip
            Set Hitachi4_tComOrData                 ' Set for command
        Hitachi4_bByteOut = WREG                    ' Get the byte to send from WREG
        If Hitachi4_tComOrData = 1 Then             ' Is it a command this time?
            Clear __LCD_RSPORT.__LCD_RSPIN          ' Yes. So set command register select
            If Hitachi4_bByteOut >= 4 Then Hitachi4_SetData  ' Short delay
            GoSub Hitachi4_SetData                  ' Long delay
            DelayUS __LCD_COMMANDUS                 ' Wait for the command to complete       
        Set Hitachi4_tComOrData                     ' Indicate first nibble, or command next time
        If Hitachi4_bByteOut = $FE Then Hitachi4_Exit  ' Command next time?
        Set __LCD_RSPORT.__LCD_RSPIN                ' Set the RS pin
        Swap Hitachi4_bByteOut,Hitachi4_bByteOut    ' Swap top and bottom nibbles
        If Hitachi4_tComOrData = 0 Then             ' First time through only
            Clear Hitachi4_tComOrData               ' Indicate second nibble, and data next time
        Set __LCD_ENPORT.__LCD_ENPIN                ' Enabled
    ' Write the byte to the port
        LCD_DTPin4 = Hitachi4_bByteOut.0
        LCD_DTPin5 = Hitachi4_bByteOut.1
        LCD_DTPin6 = Hitachi4_bByteOut.2
        LCD_DTPin7 = Hitachi4_bByteOut.3 
        DelayCS 6
        Clear __LCD_ENPORT.__LCD_ENPIN              ' Disabled
        Swap Hitachi4_bByteOut,Hitachi4_bByteOut    ' Move to the other nibble
        DelayCS 6
        If Hitachi4_tComOrData = 1 Then Hitachi4_NibbleSend ' Send the lower 4-bits to the LCD
        DelayUS __LCD_DATAUS                        ' Wait for the data operation to complete   
        WREG = Hitachi4_WREGStore                   ' Return the original byte in WREG
    $endif  ' _HITACHI_4_INC_
    Make the above code into a file named ""

    Below is a demo program that shows the above code working:

    ' Demonstrate the replacement print routine with multiple Port.bit definitions for the Data lines
    ' For use with 18F devices and enhanced 14-bit core devices
        Include ""                  ' Use an 18F25K20 operating at 64MHz
    ' Setup the LCD. These must be included in the program
        $define LCD_DTPin4 PORTA.1
        $define LCD_DTPin5 PORTB.4
        $define LCD_DTPin6 PORTB.0
        $define LCD_DTPin7 PORTC.0
        Declare LCD_RSPin = PORTB.5
        Declare LCD_ENPin = PORTB.6
        Declare LCD_Interface = 4
        Declare LCD_Lines = 2
        Declare LCD_Type = Alphanumeric
        Declare LCD_CommandUs = 2000
        Declare LCD_DataUs = 50
        Include ""                ' Load the replacement Print command for a 4-bit interface
        Dim wLoop As Word = 0
        DelayMS 30                              ' Wait for the LCD to initialise
            Print At 1,1,Dec wLoop, "     "
            Inc wLoop
            DelayMS 100
    The code hasn't been extensively tested, but seems to work, and will give pointers as to how it's done.
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