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    Installing Unsigned Drivers under Windows 10

    Unlike Win7, Windows 10 is extremely nanny state about installing drivers and by default insists that all drivers are signed. This article describes the hoops you have to go through to install unsigned drivers in Windows 10.

    In its default state Windows will not let you install an unsigned driver. To overcome this, you will have to reboot Windows into a different mode.

    Before you start make sure you have the USB device the driver file to hand.
     Save and close down all open applications
     Click Start menu and select Settings
     Choose Update and Security
     Choose Recovery
     Under Advanced start-up Choose Restart Now.
     Choose Troubleshoot
     Click Advanced Options
     Click Startup Settings
     Click Restart
     The PC will now reboot into the Startup Setting Screen.
     Choose Disable driver signature enforcement (Press F7 on the keyboard)

    Windows is now in a state where it will allow you to install an unsigned driver.

     Plug in the USB device requiring the unsigned driver.
     Click Start menu and select Settings
     Choose Devices
     At the bottom of the page under Related Settings choose Device Manager
     Right click on the relevant USB device from the list in Device Manager
     Choose Update Driver Software
     Choose Browse my Computer for driver software
     Choose Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
     Ignore the list and Click Next
     Click Have Disc
     Browse to your unsigned driver software and click open.
     Windows show a dialog warning you that the driver is unsigned, choose install anyway

    Your driver installation should then complete and hopefully your device will be accessible.

    Next time you reboot Windows will revert back to its default state and you will not be allowed to install unsigned drivers.

    A PDF file of the above procedure can be downloaded from here.
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