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  • PIC with upto 8 (alternating) HPWM extra channels

    I needed 6 channels extra besides the standard built-in HPWM of the PIC. I knew that a standard CMOS Muxer, can fulfill this.

    The only disadvantage is that 1 channel at-a-time can be selected, but that was not a problem (in my case).

    So I toke one CD/HEF4051 connect the Inhibit and the 3 ABC (e.g. BCD) lines to the PIC free ports.

    Rewrote my program a bit, tested, and it works just fine.

    With HPWM frequency of 2000Hz this is not a problem for the 4051, and for low-power applications.

    ; BCD_CD4051 BCD table   ; CD4051 ABC resp. pin 11-10-9 (MSB to LSB)
    ; BCD_CD4051 = %00000000 ; CD4051 Ch 1
    ; BCD_CD4051 = %00000001 ; CD4051 Ch 2 
    ; BCD_CD4051 = %00000010 ; CD4051 Ch 3
    ; BCD_CD4051 = %00000011 ; CD4051 Ch 4
    ; BCD_CD4051 = %00000100 ; CD4051 Ch 5
    ; BCD_CD4051 = %00000101 ; CD4051 Ch 6
    ; BCD_CD4051 = %00000110 ; CD4051 Ch 7
    ; BCD_CD4051 = %00000111 ; CD4051 Ch 8
    ; HPWM out to Pin 3 of CD4051
    ; Low  Inhibit ; output enable  eq. PORTC.5 or any other port
    ; High Inhibit ; output disable eq. PORTC.5
    Symbol Inhibit   = PORTC.5    ; to CD4051 pin 6
    pwm = 127       ; 50% or wathever you choose
    ;from Goto or GoSub (whatever) 
    BCD_CD4051 = %00000000  ; CD4051 Ch 1
    GoSub BCD_OUT
    HPWM 1, pwm, 2000       ; at 2kHz (or lower)  
    HPWM 1, 0, 2000
    High Inhibit             ; CD4051 output disable PORTC.5
    BCD_CD4051 = %00000001  ; CD4051 Ch 2
    GoSub BCD_OUT
    HPWM 1, pwm, 2000       ; at 2kHz (or lower)  
    HPWM 1, 0, 2000          ; The "Ch_off" are all the same, so you can even invoke GoSub, if you like.  
    High Inhibit             ; CD4051 output disable PORTC.5
    ;Repeat this for the next channels, the only differences are BCD_CD4051 bit's, and the Ch x names.
    ; GoSubs section  
    BCD_OUT:                  ; BCD to Port (PORTB as example)
    PORTB.6 = BCD_CD4051.2    ; A pin 11 4051 
    PORTB.5 = BCD_CD4051.1    ; B pin 10 
    PORTB.4 = BCD_CD4051.0    ; C pin  9
    Low Inhibit               ; output enable  PORTC.5
    For more information on the 4051 just Google `CD4051' for the datasheet.

    Do not forget to connect pin 7 and pin 8 to VSS, (e.g. ground), and pin 16 to VDD (e.g. +5v).

    The rest of the pin's is documented in the code.
    How you arrange the channels out from the 4051 is up to you.

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