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    Proton 24 Library Explorer provides an easy way to discover Library Functions which have been written using the Proc command. The application will scan all files having the .Inc extension and list them in a Tree format. Include files which contain the Proc command will have those commands appear as children to the .Inc file.

    You can open a library from Library Explorer or paste a command into the IDE.

    Library Explorer will, by default, show all include files it can discover under the search paths defined. There is a default setting for search paths which match the search paths of the compiler, however these can be changed to suit.

    There will be occasions when the include file of the same name appears is more than one directory. There is an option to hide duplicate names.

    Not all include files will contain Proc commands, you can set Library Explorer to show all include files or only those which contain Proc commands.

    A help file is included.

    Download P24 Library Explorer