Proton BASIC Compiler - Interrupt Driven Shutdown of DC-DC Regulators

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  • Interrupt Driven Shutdown of DC-DC Regulators

    The program below describes how a single push button can turn off an entire circuit by using a DC/DC regulator either step-down or boost. The regulator must have a shut down pin that is maintained high to operate. These little marvels have a shutdown current as low as 5-10 uA. On the diagram created for the simulation I use a relay instead of a regulator because I could not find a regulator with shutdown capability on the Proteus components, but the principle is the same.

    The program for an 18F25K20 using an Amicus board but the idea could be easily adapted to other hardware. The ZIP file includes the circuit, a Proetus simulation file and the BAS source file.

    Yves Mazzon

    ON-OFF_routine with