Proton BASIC Compiler - Measure execution time

  • Measure execution time

    This program measures execution time and will assist with time critical applications.

    Sometimes with the AMICUS18 board we need some help to check the code that you are writing. In particular I wrote this macro to measure the PIC execution times that are then sent to the terminal.

    By extension you could use this library with other PICs with the Proton Basic compiler.
    We make use of the power of Proton Basic compiler by incorporating different test programs for PICs and boards. It is very important for the resolution of our code if in the demo program you choose the AMICUS18 board or any board available on the Proteus Demo.

    After picking a the processor and the frequency crystal are automatically loaded, then follow the instructions. The precision is a little bit more than the reality, the code can read 1 instruction cycle.

    Enjoy this code.
    Alberto Freixanet