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    Crownhill Associates is an SME specialising in design, manufacture and supply of electronic goods and services, operating internationally within the electronics and telecommunications sector.

    The speed of technological change, the anticipation of present and future needs, and the pursuit of technical excellence are all familiar challenges for Crownhill's design team. We understand that the difficult but essential task is to listen and understand customers' needs before developing a solution.

    Crownhill has enjoyed sustained growth since its inception and has become a leading niche provider in the global Smart Card market the Digital Forensics scene and the production of microcontroller design tools.

    Crownhill values teamwork, a commitment to achievement, openness, empowerment of the individual and the maximisation of its intellectual capital, all of which contribute to the pursuit of continuous improvement and sustainable success.

    Crownhill aims to provide above average returns for shareholders and a challenging environment for employees through achieving excellence in the quality of the products and services offered to customers.

    Crownhill supply device programmers, electronic components, specialising in Smart Card technology and embedded microcontroller application development, Crownhill also provide bespoke product design and build services including PCB design and Enclosure prototyping.

    Crownhill's purpose built facilities in Cambridge, England. Facilitate design and build of prototypes and final assembly of finished items, in house. Including design and manufacture of printed circuit boards and CNC automated assembly. Crownhill's capabilities extend to custom IC design and engineering to Silicon level.

    Digital Forensics

    Via 3gforensics, Crownhill offer its design , manufacture and sales capability to the Forensics and law enforcement market place. 3G Forensics develop and supply smart electronic solutions to law enforcement, forensic and intelligence communities around the world. Specialist areas have been developed based upon the core skills at Crownhill.
    • harvesting of data from SIM cards, Smart cards and Mobile Devices
    • Cell Site analysis tools
    • Repair of damaged silicon devices
    • Mobile phone detection
    • development of new and innovative solutions to meet law enforcement requirments
    3gforensics consists of a small group of people highly motivated to use their skills to provide their customers with quality products in an efficient and professinal manor. 3gforensics offers offer a design facility within a closed environment, with a limited number of personell working on a need to know basis, security and descretion are our bywords. Much of our work is carried out under strict non disclosure agreements, many of our designes are never promoted commecially.

    The client list at speaks for its self, products are developed in house to meet client specifications, all products are designed and developed entirely on site in Ely, Cambridge - UK.

    Microcontroller Design Tools

    Today's microcontrollers are fast and cheap. Microcontrollers are found in machines that can handle just about any control or data processing application imaginable. However, with the wide array of microcontroller offerings available from many manufacturers, it can be difficult to keep up with the features, and design tools required to operate in the the microcontroller world.

    At Crownhill we can use microcontrollers from most manufacturers, but its fair to say that we favour those The Microchip "PIC®". This very popular microcontroller is a true RISC processor, having less than 33 instructions and only a few registers. It is very cheap in small quantities, and there are flash versions available also.

    PIC® are often used in very small, cost-sensitive applications, they can however be just as useful in larger 'power applications' Programming the PIC® in its native form, can be a tedious and delicate task. The RISC architecture provides for a few specialized registers to work with, and a few instructions, doing even simple tasks can be a headache. While there are C cross compilers available for the PIC®, you generally don't have a lot of memory to work with on a PIC® so this can be impractical. This and other factors could be the reason why Crownhill Proton PIC® BASIC has become so popular, arguably - the most popular compiler for the PIC® Micro.

    The PROTON+ compiler takes full advantage of each type of PICmicro® available, and offers a friendly and intuitive language that allows very complex operations to be carried out with a minimum of fuss, and provides a flexibility and functionality that is unparalleled in the world of PICmicro® programming. The PROTON+ compiler is functionally compatible with the language of the Parallax BASIC Stamp modules and the PIC® BASIC Pro Compiler from microEngineering labs. Thus Proton+ provides the most comprehensive, comfortable and familiar environment in the world of PIC® programming.

    Crownhill manufactures and supports the Proton compiler and a range of development boards to assist developers during code design and product prototyping.

    Design Services

    Crownhill are able to provide consultancy services for your electronic designs and projects

    Product Design

    Our wealth of knowledge and experience makes us the ideal choice for your product development. You can use us as your bespoke engineering department, offering substantial savings over providing the same facilities in house. Alternatively, our services can be used to supplement existing in house facilities.
    We are able to develop new products on short timescale's, getting your concept to market in the minimum time.

    Custom Designed Solutions For Special Projects

    We specialise in providing custom designed solutions for one-off special projects. Our in-house facilities allow us to provide solutions quickly and cost effectively.

    Enclosure Design

    In addition to electronic design we also provide product enclosure design to complete your overall product development. Our in house capabilities cover a range of technologies or should you require an enclosure design that needs a specialist in this field we can introduce you to some of the industries best designers that we have worked with and can recommend. We are also equally happy to work with an enclosure designer you have already selected.

    If you have any queries or would like to discuss the type of services we provide, you can e-mail us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or alternatively call us on 01353 749990

    Smart Card and Smart Systems Design and Supply

    Crownhill have been working with smart cards since the early 90's and the company has a detailed understanding of the processes involved in the areas of card manufacture, operating systems development and Smart Card design. Crownhill can supply Smart Cards incorporating microcontrollers from any of the major manufactures in the market place, e.g. Atmel, SST, Thompson, Siemens to name just a few, in addition Crownhill stock many "off the shelf" cards for applications ranging from door access, credit/debit cards, loyalty cards and electronic purse applications. Through Silcom Technologies , Cownhill has developed its own proprietray operating system offering an OPEN ARCHITECTURE Smart Card, allowing clients to develop their own unique structures and funtionality. Crownhill have also developed the worlds first 1Mbyte GSM phase 2+ SIM card. Crownhill offer design services for both Smart Card manufacture and Smart Card operating systems.

    Crownhill also have experience in the design of 125Kz and 13.5 Mhz contactless smart card systems, utilising cards, tags and self adhesive labels, and and supplies a range of readers writers and development systems.

    Crownhill appreciate the difficulties involved in learning about the different types of Smart card systems, uses and applications. Crownhill supply several low cost full function Smart Card development systems covering virtually every type of card currently available including high security cards and Contactless Smart Cards.

    Component Supply

    Crownhill specialise in bringing you the latest Eprom, EEprom and Microcontroller devices at the very lowest prices! Crownhill use highly developed order consolidation techniques to pass on the massive discounts offered by manufacturers for bulk orders. Crownhill typically offer the 1000 off price for single component order...and it's much better than that for large orders!
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