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  • Knowing our Customers

    In order for us to keep accurate records of who we have exchanged information with, regardless of whether a supply of goods or services takes place, we require certain information from you, before we enter into discussion or execute a financial transaction. We adhere to a policy of transparency, central to that policy is a belief that neither individuals or organisations should hide themselves from potential suppliers, and should provide information to potential suppliers to enable the supplier to verify that the client is bonefide and genuine in their approach. Equally we aim to be open and honest with our clients.

    Information that may be requested when dealing with us:

    • the Individual's name, Organisation's name or in the case of a company the company's name, postal address (and registered office address if this is different) ,email address and contact telephone number(s)
      • in the case of a company , the company's registration number;
      • in the case of a company, the company's VAT number.
    • any Trade or Professional Association memberships;
    • in the case of an individiual, whether the individual is operating independantly or on behalf of a company or organisation
      • if operating on behalf of a company or organisation, the name and contact details of the company or organisation
    All of this applies to any communication – that is any letter, or conversation, face to face, via telephone, facimile, email or even SMS text message.
    We reserve the right to refuse to enter into any communication until we are satisfied as to the authenticity of the contact details presented to us. This may require us to contact you via the address or telephone number that you present to us.
    In the case of individuals claiming to represent an organisation, we may carryout checks to verify the claim.
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