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    Crownhill Associates takes every care to ensure your transations with us are safe and secure.
    • We run a dedicated webserver, located in a secure data center. We do not share our server with a third party.
    • Our ecommerce web site is certified PCI compliant by Comodo CA Ltd within the guide lines of the PCI data security initiative.
    • Our servers and are kept up to date with security patches and updates as they are released
    • When processed via our web site, Your order transaction is processed using 128bit SSL encryption provided by a qualified trusted third party.
    • Your credit card details are transferred separately to any order information, using very strong (1024+ bit) GPG encryption
    • Sensitive information that we collect from you during your order process is never stored on our webservers, and is dealt with offline.
    • We do not store credit card data, access to your credit card information is handled on a strictly need to know basis.
    • Your forum registration details are stored online in our server database. No other personal information is stored online.

    Security Technologies we utilise


    Our payment page uses the industry standard SSL Encryption. If you've ordered from the Net before you'll have probably heard of this, but may not know what it means. Essentially, SSL puts a secure tunnel between your web browser and our web server, ensuring no-one else can see what is passed between your browser and our web server. The most important thing you need to know is that it's very secure, and is used around by businesses and individuals all around the world for secure e-commerce transactions.
    You can find out more information about SSL at the Verisign SSL Basics webpage


    As well as securing your card details between the web browser and our server, we go one step further in securing your credit card information. When our server receives your card details, they are encrypted using a technology roughly ten times more secure than SSL, known as GnuPG. After the details are encrypted, they're removed from our server and sent via email to our Sales department, a trusted person in our sales team is able to decrypt the details and process your order, your personal details are handles on a strictly need to know basis. If anyone manages to intercept the email on its way to us, they'll be completely unable to decipher the contents because they don't have the secret key.
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