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  • Dual Output Sine Wave to Logic Converter Utilizes SelectableInput Filtering for Lowes

    MILPITAS, CA – April 8, 2013 – MILPITAS, CA – Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC6957, a DC to 300MHz dual output buffer/driver/logic translator, ideal for converting sine waves into low phase noise logic level signals. Prior solutions were unable to perform this conversion without introducing a significant amount of jitter. The LTC6957 converts any DC to 300MHz reference frequency into dual LVPECL, LVDS or CMOS outputs with exceptionally low additive jitter of 45fsRMS (LVPECL) over the 12kHz to 20MHz integration bandwidth and less than 200fsRMS total jitter. The device also features a proprietary, selectable, input stage bandwidth-limiting feature, which substantially improves the additive phase noise for slow slewing signals by 4-7dB.