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    The buffered serial HRSin/SERin include file is described by Les Johnson elsewhere in this section.

    Here is a sample TEST program that operates in ISIS.

    I am not the author and for the moment I cannot find a copy in the Forum to give credit where it is due. It may have been Les or Tim. It was downloaded several years ago and given a home in my programming hints folder. There was also a modification made to Les' code by Tim which I have included in the zip file. The modified file is called "Buffered HRSin Tim"

    If you are the author of the test routines please contact me (John Drew) and I'll makes sure you are given credit.

    "Buffered HRSin Tim" is a version where the variable _USART_BUFFER_COUNT provides the number of bytes waiting in the buffer. _USART_BUFFER_COUNT can be used as a flag to indicate when a character is waiting for the HRSin command.

    Buffered serial with test
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