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    The HID Communicator is a flexible tool to aid the development and testing of USB devices without the need of any special HID client PC software.

    In some ways it is analogous to the PDS Serial Communicator in that it can send and receive messages between a target device and a PC. However rather than using a serial COM port it provides a USB HID interface.

    The primary difference between serial COM and HID is that HID data is transferred in packets rather than Byte by Byte. The HID Communicator therefore works with packets of 64 Bytes.

    The HID Communicator has 3 main windows:
    • Transmit Window - on which you can enter or edit USB messages for transmission
    • Receive Window - read only window showing the response received
    • Monitor Window - read only showing both transmit and receive messages interleaved in the order they were sent or received.
    A message is a single packet of up to 64 bytes. Any shortfall in bytes entered will be padded out with zeros. A message occupies a single line in the Transmit window. After selecting a USB HID device and connecting to it you can send and receive messages between the device and the PC. Single or multiple messages can be sent manually or automatically in a sequence.

    When used in conjunction with Harm de Vries Command and Record Editor the HID Communicator can be used as a Test harness which can provide Go/No-Go tests of Responses to predefined commands.

    The application is supported with a comprehensive help file which can be accessed from the Help menu. Context sensitive help is available via the F1 key.

    The application is delivered as a PDS plug in and it can be accessed from the plug-in tool bar. However, it can be used equally well as a stand alone outside PDS.

    Download HID Communicator